Is Dolph Ziggler ready to show off his star power?

Dolph Ziggler has big plans for next week: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 22, 2017

The Showoff makes his return to SmackDown LIVE, but he seems frustrated that it's in a backstage interview.

After several weeks away from Team Blue, Dolph Ziggler returned to SmackDown LIVE, though he seemed a little miffed at coming back in a backstage interview. The Showoff also appeared to be more erratic than usual, as the former World Champion claimed that he finally discovered what it takes to become a star in WWE.

Ziggler revealed that he was not above singing, dancing, flashy ring robes and bright spotlights. He also promised that he’d show off his newly found star power this week on SmackDown LIVE. Just what exactly does Dolph Ziggler have in mind? 

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