The New Day’s SmackDown Tag Team Championship Celebration was ruined by The Usos

The Usos crash The New Day's SmackDown Tag Team Championship Celebration: SmackDown LIVE, July 25, 2017

The New Day try to celebrate their championship victory at WWE Battleground, but The Usos bring the festivities to a painful end.

Before The New Day’s celebration as the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions could begin, they were brutally attacked from behind by The Usos. The assault happened before the new champions could even finish their signature arrival announcement from backstage.

Jimmy & Jey absolutely decimated Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston in a brawl that spilled onto the stage. A staggered Big E made his way through the curtains to try to fight back against the brothers, but the wear and tear was just too much, and the former titleholders left all three New Day members in a crumbled heap.

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