Who will step up to challenge Jinder Mahal?

Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali

That Jinder Mahal will do anything to keep the WWE Championship is no surprise. What shocked the WWE Universe at WWE Battleground last Sunday, however, is the Punjabi behemoth who appeared in The Modern-Day Maharaja’s corner, ready to help him hang onto that title.

With The Singh Brothers neutralized and Mahal reeling, Randy Orton looked to be on the verge of his 14th World Championship, until the monstrous Great Khali suddenly arrived. The 7-foot tall, 350-pound giant took matters into his own hands, grabbing Orton by the neck and keeping The Viper trapped in the bamboo cage while Mahal escaped the Punjabi Prison to retain his title.

It appears that The Great Khali’s shocking interference represented a passing of the torch to Mahal, whose third consecutive victory over Orton is now in the books. What will happen next in The Modern-Day Maharaja’s reign? Will a new challenger step up, or will a venomous Viper be out for vengeance?

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