The Lone Wolf reigns as Mr. Money in the Bank

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronts the new Mr. Money in the Bank: WWE Talking Smack, June 18, 2017

On WWE Talking Smack, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal opines on Baron Corbin before confronting the new Mr. Money in the Bank face to face. Courtesy of WWE Network.

Baron Corbin stood tall at the conclusion of WWE Money in the Bank, winning the Ladder Match to earn a guaranteed WWE Championship Match at any time over the next year. The Lone Wolf wasted no time inserting himself into the title picture, confronting titleholder Jinder Mahal on WWE Talking Smack after WWE Money in the Bank.

With Corbin eying the right moment to strike, will SmackDown LIVE provide him with an opening to take the WWE Championship?

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