Naomi & Charlotte try to break up the welcoming committee

Charlotte & Naomi vs. Carmella & Natalya

Since Charlotte’s SmackDown arrival in the Superstar Shake-up, many of the other members of Team Blue’s women’s division have expressed their frustration with The Queen’s rapid ascent to a title match against reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. Natalya, Carmella and Tamina took out those frustrations last week, interrupting a title match between Charlotte and Naomi and viciously attacking both Superstars, though most of their fury was directed toward the newcomer.

Opponents a week ago, Charlotte and Naomi are joining forces this week to take on Natalya and Carmella in tag team action. Will the “welcoming committee” continue their path of destruction, or will the SmackDown Women’s Champion and The Queen show why they’re worthy of the top spots?

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