AJ Styles called out the SmackDown LIVE front office

AJ Styles sounds off on Shane McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, March 14, 2017

After months of "going through hoops," The Phenomenal One kicks of SmackDown LIVE with a verbal tirade against Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Still enraged over what he perceived as poor treatment from SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan over the past few months, AJ Styles kicked off the latest episode of the Blue Brand by chewing out the “Yes!” Man in his office. Though his GM warned him to think about his career before doing something he would regret, “The Face that Runs the Place” ignored him and proceeded to go to the ring to address the WWE Universe.

There, The Phenomenal One went through the litany of transgressions he thought had been committed against him before promising to have a conversation “about his career” with Shane-O-Mac when he arrived at the arena.

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