Is Baron Corbin destined to become Intercontinental Champion?

Is Baron Corbin destined to become Intercontinental Champion?

While possible contenders have already begun to make themselves known within the WWE Title, SmackDown Women’s Title and SmackDown Tag Team Title pictures, who is going to step up to try to take away Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship?

Certainly, based on what we saw in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Match, the answer could very well be Baron Corbin. After The Lunatic Fringe snuck up and eliminated him, The Lone Wolf snapped and absolutely decimated the unstable Superstar – hurling him through the Lexan glass pod before planting him with End of Days.

After Corbin made such a powerful statement, one must wonder just how long it will be before The Lone Wolf sets his sights on Ambrose’s title. Then again, any of the Chamber combatants could take up that pursuit – particularly AJ Styles and The Miz, who both have no love at all for Ambrose and really seem to like championship gold. Or will another Superstar step into the mix for an opportunity at WrestleMania glory? 

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