Will Ziggler keep his cool as "King's Court" returns hosted by Jerry "The King" Lawler?

Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 10, 2017

After Dolph Ziggler snapped on Kalisto one week ago, the masked Superstar demands a match to get payback on The Showoff.

Maybe it has something to do with Royal Rumble being on the horizon. Regardless, several Superstars have been on an absolute rampage as of late. Perhaps none have exhibited such a quick fuse as Dolph Ziggler. Though his newly adopted aggression did not prevent him from losing to Kalisto last week, Ziggler’s brutal post-match chair assault on the masked Superstar and Apollo Crews did end up yielding him a spot in the Royal Rumble Match.

Tonight, as announced on his Twitter account, WWE Hall of Famer  Jerry "The King" Lawler will hold "King's Court," with Ziggler as his special guest. The return of the talk show is a huge get for SmackDown LIVE. But will The Showoff be able to quell his new-found agression in the pressense of royalty?  


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