Randy Orton def. Luke Harper via Disqualification

Randy Orton def. Luke Harper via Disqualification

DENVER — After Kane seemingly vanished last week, Randy Orton kicked off SmackDown LIVE by reaffirming that he was coming straight for Bray Wyatt.

The Eater of Worlds soon appeared on the TitanTron lying in a casket, accompanied by an army of followers draped in sheep masks. Wyatt retorted Orton’s claims, saying he was also coming for him, prior to Luke Harper entering the arena to take on Orton in one-on-one competition.

In the matchup that followed, Harper and The Apex Predator took each other to the limit. During the match, Wyatt and his sheep-masked followers made their way to ringside, carrying the supernatural Superstar in the casket.

The match carried on until Wyatt inevitably got involved, leading to Harper’s disqualification. But as The Wyatts attempted to throw a war-torn Orton to his doom, they opened the casket and found Kane waiting for them! The shocking arrival of The Big Red Machine led to him and The Viper clearing house before the lights went out and The Wyatts mysteriously vanished.

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