“Miz TV” presented a “Dolphumentary” with spirit

“Miz TV” presented a “Dolphumentary” with spirit

In anticipation of the Championship vs. Career Match this Sunday at No Mercy, Miz and Maryse brought Dolph Ziggler out onto “Miz TV” for what could be his final appearance on Team Blue to take a look back at the career of The Showoff … or, at least, they sorta did.

The power couple first presented a mock WWE 24 video that highlighted Ziggler’s most embarrassing moments as a WWE Superstar. The A-Lister then introduced The Spirit Squad — the faction of male cheerleaders that Ziggler once associated himself with. However, The Spirit Squad members were not there to rejoice in the days of yore with Ziggler, but instead were instructed by the Intercontinental Champion to beat down their former brother-in-cheer. Yet, the results were probably not what Miz was expecting as Ziggler overcame the 2-on-1 attack and dispersed of the former Superstars. Ziggler and Miz then briefly tussled until the Intercontinental Champion retreated, leaving The Showoff standing tall, at least for tonight

Will Ziggler have a championship and a career to still be cheerful for come Sunday night?

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