Will Heath Slater be back for another try at SmackDown Live?

Brock Lesnar takes Heath Slater to Suplex City: Raw, Aug. 15, 2016

The Beast Incarnate demolishes WWE's most tenacious free agent.

Folks, it just doesn’t pay to be Heath Slater these days at all. Last week, The One Man Band attempted to finally secure a SmackDown Live contract, only to be decimated by Rhyno.

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Interestingly enough, SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon were prepared to give him a contract anyway, before he made the mistake of telling them off and storming out. Then, yesterday on Raw, Slater actually stepped up to Brock Lesnar for a possible Raw contract and … let’s just say that didn’t go well either.

Assuming there is anything left of Slater following his clash with The Beast Incarnate, will he dare try to join Team Blue once again? And just how many kids does Slater have anyway? 

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