Will the tag team division get turned upside down by Bryan ‘Talking Smack’?

Daniel Bryan explains SmackDown Live's plan for new championships: Talking Smack, Aug. 2, 2016

On the premiere of Talking Smack, SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan addresses how Team Blue's championship strategy differs from Team Raw, courtesy of WWE Network.

After weeks of speculation over whether SmackDown Live will create new titles to fill the void left by the ones they lost at the WWE Extension Draft, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan poured gasoline on the fire during the premiere episode of “Talking Smack" last week, implying that new titles of one form or another are in fact under discussion.

Might the fact that the former World Champion addressed the topic with debuting tag team American Alpha sitting next to him somehow foreshadow their own bright future within the tag team ranks? Well, at the very least, it can be said that the thought of Gable and Jordon led Bryan to consider the question of tag team excellence in the first place.

In addition to American Alpha, though, it stands to reason that SmackDown’s tag team division will be completely energized by the possibility of new titles. After all, opportunities are everywhere on Tuesday night (just ask Dolph Ziggler). Can former WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos once again fly to the top of the mountain?

Or will hungry up-and-comers like Breezango or The Vaudevillains step up their game? Let us not forget, The Ascension still hold the current record for the longest NXT Tag Team Championships and remain a dangerous as they come. Will we see more of the Hype Bros (Woo woo woo, you know it!)? Or will a new tandem present itself, looking to affirm its own glory? Find out in the coming weeks at 8/7 C on USA Network. 

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