Is SmackDown Live prepared for a Lesnar invasion?

Randy Orton invades Raw to attack Brock Lesnar: Raw, Aug. 1, 2016

SmackDown Superstar Randy Orton makes an unscheduled Raw appearance to ambush The Beast Incarnate.

Speaking of uncontrollable forces, SmackDown Live will most likely be in absolute chaos mode tonight, following Randy Orton’s decision to break across newly-established brand lines and RKO Brock Lesnar last night on Raw.

There is no telling how SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon and his own GM Daniel Bryan will choose to deal with the situation. Will The Viper face stiff penalties? Could the SummerSlam match between Orton and Lesnar be conceivably called off all together in an attempt to discourage other Superstars from crossing the line with personal grudges?

Up until now, Shane and Bryan’s focus has on the positive, providing new opportunities for Superstars in order to build a whole new level of competition. But, it is very possible that the actions of The Apex Predator, things could quickly spin out of control and there is no telling what the ramifications might be to SmackDown Live and the New Era as a whole. Perhaps the greatest concern of all is: If The Beast does threaten vengeance on Tuesday night, how will Shane and Bryan ever be able to stop his aggression?

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