Darren Young & Zack Ryder def. Rusev & The Miz; Reigns heads to Raw, Cena to SmackDown Live

Darren Young & Zack Ryder vs. Rusev & The Miz: SmackDown Live, July 19, 2016

In a war for WWE Battleground momentum, challengers Darren Young and the Long Island Iced-Z battle United States and Intercontinental Champions.

In the second round of the WWE Draft, Raw chose Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, while SmackDown selected John Cena and Randy Orton.

WWE Battleground preview: Intercontinental Title Match | United States Title Match

In a subsequent war for WWE Battleground momentum, Darren Young joined forces with Zack Ryder against United States Champion Rusev and Intercontinental Champion The Miz. In the height of the action, Young made a definitive statement when he made The A-Lister tap out to the Crossface Chicken Wing – a maneuver made famous by his life coach, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund!

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