Can Zack Ryder continue his roll against Sheamus?

Team U.S.A. vs. The Multinational Alliance - 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Raw, July 4, 2016

A squad of American Superstars goes up against a team of international competitors in this Raw main event of global proportions.

After Zack Ryder reigned triumphant alongside Big Show, guiding Team U.S.A. to victory in a 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match on Raw, Long Island Iced-Z will try his hand in singles competition against Sheamus on SmackDown.

Seeing as The Celtic Warrior was the last member of The Multinational Alliance to be eliminated in Raw’s main event thanks to a Rough Ryder from The Ultimate Broski, you can be sure revenge is on the top of the tough Irishman’s mind. Will the fiery Irish Superstar make the Long Island native pay for pinning him Monday night? Or will Ryder ride his wave of momentum to another huge win?

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