Is The Architect building a plot for vengeance?

Dean Ambrose ends Seth Rollins' tirade: Raw, July 4, 2016

As The Architect runs down the WWE Universe and Roman Reigns, The Lunatic Fringe retaliates with Dirty Deeds onto the announce table.

On Raw, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose let Dirty Deeds do the talking by sending Seth Rollins crashing onto the Spanish announce table. On Sunday, July 24 at WWE Battleground, The Lunatic Fringe will defend the WWE Championship against The Architect and Roman Reigns in an epic Triple Threat Match featuring all three former Shield members. In the meantime, though, will the conniving Rollins look to gain revenge against the titleholder after being drilled onto a table?

WWE Battleground: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match preview

With WWE’s top prize on the line, the stakes have never been higher for these former friends turned bitter enemies. Who will look to make the next move en route to their historic clash at WWE Battleground? Will the unstable Ambrose once again prove to be one step ahead of his former Shied cohort? Or does Rollins have a plan in place to turn the tables on the titleholder?

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