SmackDown Five-Point Preview: September 3, 2015

Summer scandal on “Miz TV”

Summer Rae's shower surprise puts Dolph Ziggler in hot water: Raw, Aug. 31, 2015

Summer Rae creates some tension between Dolph Ziggler and Lana.

There has been more than enough drama when it comes to the heated rivalry between Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and their respective partners, Lana and Summer Rae. This ongoing conflict reached Jerry Springer–esque levels on Raw, however, when Summer accused The Showoff of trying to seduce her after getting out of the shower in his locker room.

Watch: Ziggler vs. Rusev on Raw  |  WWE Network: Watch Summer Rae on Unfiltered

This tense situation, although troubling for Ziggler and The Ravishing Russian’s relationship, is a prime case for the most must-see talk show in WWE. So what will go down on Thursday’s hottest show when the ravishing Lana and her boyfriend are guests on “Miz TV”? What will Ziggler have to say about the upsetting accusations made about him Monday? And will the sultry Summer and The Super Athlete be in attendance to intensify an already combative situation?

Saving tables on SmackDown

The New Day continue the #SaveTheTables movement: Raw, Aug. 31, 2015

Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston speak out about table awareness and the wasteful behavior of The Dudley Boyz.

The New Day are not only the WWE Tag Team Champions, but also table activists. The outspoken trio is using their position as WWE’s top tag team to support a rather interesting cause: saving the tables. And their main nemeses in the fight to protect furniture around the world are none other than The Dudley Boyz.

Poll: Who is most to blame for WWE's table-breaking problem?

Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston will kick off Thursday’s hottest show and should have plenty to say about their recent foray into philanthropy, as well as their rivalry with Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley. What do the positive Superstars have planned? Will the Dudleys look to break a few more tables on SmackDown? Find out tonight at 8/7 C on Syfy.

Counting down to Divas history

Charlotte's big moment: Exclusive, Aug. 31, 2015

After clinching the No. 1 contender spot for the Diva's Championship, Charlotte discusses her journey to the main roster and asserts that Team PCB remains strong.

We learned Monday night that Charlotte will challenge Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship at Night of Champions on Sunday, Sept. 20, live on the award-winning WWE Network. With a No. 1 contender in place for the coveted butterfly-emblazoned title, what effect will this have on the Divas Revolution? And will the self-proclaimed “genetically superior” Diva, or anyone else, be able to prevent “The Fearless” Nikki from becoming the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history on Sept. 14?

Exclusive: Charlotte discusses Divas Revolution | Watch: Charlotte defeats Brie Bella

Team PCB’s Charlotte will be in action tonight when she takes on Team B.A.D.’s Tamina in a must-see Divas showdown on SmackDown. Will Team Bella and the Divas titleholder make their presence felt? Don’t miss any of the action on Thursday’s hottest show.

Can Neville put a stop to Stardust’s villainous rampage?

Stardust assaults King Barrett: Raw, Aug. 24, 2015

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Neville and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell, The Prince of Dark Matter attacks his tag team partner.

At SummerSlam, Neville and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell gave Stardust what he asked for and showed him a couple heroes when they defeated the strange Superstar and his tag team partner King Barrett. The villainous Stardust remained undeterred, however, instead taking out his royal cohort the next night on Raw.

Relive SummerSlam 2015 on WWE Network

With Stardust’s cosmic gaze still seeing evil, Neville will look to do away with his creepy counterpart once and for all on SmackDown. Can The Man That Gravity Forgot put an end to his rival’s wicked ways? Find out tonight at 8/7 C on Syfy when Neville goes one-on-one against Stardust.

Can Cesaro rebound from his Raw loss?

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: Raw, Aug. 31, 2015

The Swiss Superman continues his rivalry with K.O. in this SummerSlam rematch.

Monday night, Cesaro fought valiantly against Kevin Owens, but his ferocious rival picked up the victory after taking advantage of The Swiss Superman’s ribs being driven straight into the Raw announce table. Tonight on SmackDown, things won’t get any easier for The King of Swing when he steps into the ring to battle Sheamus.

Photos: Cesaro vs. Owens on Raw

Can The Swiss Superstar put a stop to his recent losing streak against one of WWE’s toughest competitors? Or will Mr. Money in the Bank take advantage of the battle-worn Cesaro and Brogue Kick him into further turmoil?

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