SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 27, 2015

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 27, 2015

The Dudley Boyz return to SmackDown

The Dudley Boyz return to WWE: Raw, Aug. 24, 2015

One of sports-entertainment's most extreme tag teams makes its explosive return to WWE.

After exploding back onto the scene Monday night on Raw, The Dudley Boyz are set to return to action for the first time in nearly 10 years, tonight at 8/7 C on SmackDown!

One of the most decorated tandems in history is poised to turn the entire tag team division upside down, and it surely won’t be long before they set their extreme sights on The New Day and their recently reclaimed WWE Tag Team Titles.

Some might wonder how Bubba Ray & D-Von will stack up against the “power of positivity” and the rest of today’s elite combinations. But when all is said and done, the only true question might end up being: Does WWE have enough tables? 

Do Ambrose and Reigns fear The Wyatt Family?

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper: Raw, Aug. 24, 2015

"Families" collide in this intensely personal SummerSlam rematch.

On Monday, the WWE Universe witnessed the emergence of the awesome Braun Strowman — a horrific mass of pure destruction who proceeded to take out both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns single-handedly. has since learned that The Wyatt Family will kick off tonight’s SmackDown. But just who is Strowman and what does Bray Wyatt plan to do with the super-sized addition to his ranks? Moreover, will The Lunatic Fringe and The Big Dog dare to launch a counter-assault against such incredible opposition?

Speaking of Ambrose, the unstable competitor is scheduled to go one-on-one against Sheamus. How will he possibly be able to give his full attention to the dangerous Celtic Warrior with The Wyatts’ new threat lurking in the same building?

How will Rollins respond to Sting’s attack?

Sting ambushes Triple H and Seth Rollins: Raw, Aug. 24, 2015

As The Authority prepares to unveil a statue of Seth Rollins, The Vigilante re-emerges in WWE.

Perhaps the most stunning moment of Monday’s Raw came when The Authority was getting ready to unveil a statue of WWE World Heavyweight and the new United States Champion Seth Rollins. Instead, when the cover was lifted, the legendary Sting was waiting underneath, and The Vigilante proceeded to take down The Architect and hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title high above his head.

It wasn’t long before it was announced that Rollins would battle Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions. Find out how the reigning titleholder will react when he addresses the WWE Universe tonight on SmackDown!

KO looks to ground The Man That Gravity Forgot

Cesaro & Neville vs. Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens: SmackDown, August 13, 2015

SmackDown sizzles as The Swiss Superman & The Man That Gravity Forgot battle The Architect and the brash Kevin Owens.

Two weeks ago, on SmackDown, moments after Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens picked up a main event tag team victory over Neville & Cesaro, Owens opted to deliver a post-match attack on The Swiss Superman. In response, he ended up suffering a two-on-one assault by the powerful Superstar and The Man That Gravity Forgot.

Now, four days after Owens and Neville both emerged victorious at SummerSlam, they will bring their one-on-one battle to the best show on Thursday night.

Which team will be triumphant?

PCB vs. Team Bella: Raw, Aug. 24, 2015

After a tense confrontation on the set of "Miz TV," PCB and Team Bella clash on Raw.

After losing an explosive Three-Team Elimination Tag Team Match at SummerSlam, Team Bella roared back with the victory over Team PCB on Raw.

Tonight, the Divas Revolution rolls on when Charlotte & Becky Lynch lock horns with The Bella Twins. As Nikki Bella creeps closer and closer to possibly becoming the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time, will Team PCB ultimately stand in her way? And what will Team B.A.D. do tonight to make sure that no one forgets just how beautiful and dangerous they really are?

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