SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 30, 2015

Can Cesaro hand Rollins his second loss this week?

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins - United States Championship Match: Raw, July 27, 2015

The Cenation leader puts his title on the line against The Architect in this huge Raw main event.

In the main event on Raw, Seth Rollins gave John Cena a nasal adjustment when he broke the Cenation leader’s nose with a knee to the face. The Architect ultimately fell to a determined Cena in their United States Championship Match after tapping out to the STF, however. Unfortunately for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, there is little chance that things will be getting any easier tonight on SmackDown as he battles Cesaro.

John Cena injury update

Can WWE’s top titleholder bounce back from his loss on Monday night or will The King of Swing send Rollins into a complete tailspin? Plus, after Kevin Owens issued a warning to The Swiss Superman in this week’s exclusive interview with Michael Cole, will we see the combative fighter come to SmackDown looking to KO his new rival? Find out on Syfy at 8/7 C.

Which tag team will rise above the rest?

The Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores: Raw, July 27, 2015

Sin Cara & Kalisto lock horns with Diego & Fernando, live on Raw.

Competition for The Prime Time Players’ WWE Tag Team Titles is heating up, with Los Matadores beating Titus O’Neil & Darren Young and The Lucha Dragons topping Diego & Fernando in recent weeks. We also can’t forget The New Day, who helped the spirited bullfighters upset WWE’s top tag team, as they continue to proudly proclaim their spot in WWE’s tag team division to anyone who will listen.

Tonight on SmackDown, there will be a huge 8-Man Tag Team Match pitting Los Matadores & Lucha Dragons against The New Day and The Ascension (another tag team capable of challenging the reigning titleholders for the coveted Tag Team Titles). Will one of these teams stand out from the pack in what is sure to be a chaotic 8-Man Tag Team melee? Tune in at 8/7 C on Syfy to find out.

Old rivalries die hard

Rusev offers gifts to Summer Rae: Raw, July 27, 2015

After The Bulgarian Brute showers Summer Rae with gifts, Lana delivers a revolting surprise of her own to Rusev's main squeeze.

As Rusev tries to navigate through his highly emotional breakup with Lana, The Bulgarian Brute will battle an old foe on SmackDown. Tonight, The Super Athlete — with his new companion Summer Rae in his corner — will attempt to “crush” Oklahoma native Jack Swagger in his home state.

Photos: Lana and Summer seeing double |  Poll: Who wore Lana's look better?

Rusev and The Real American have had a number of hard-hitting clashes in the past, and tonight’s showdown will be no different. Will the hot-headed Bulgarian Brute still be steaming mad after The Ravishing Russian sent Summer face-first into a dead fish on Raw? Can Rusev keep his focus in the ring on his SmackDown opponent long enough to pick up the victory, or will his ongoing drama with his old flame affect his in-ring performance?

What’s next for The Wyatt Family?

Luke Harper explains why he's realigned with Bray Wyatt: Raw, July 27, 2015

The Eater of Worlds and "The Prodigal Son" address the WWE Universe.

Bray Wyatt is scary enough on his own, but with Luke Harper once again by his side, Roman Reigns may be wise to heed The Eater of World’s warnings and “run.” If it wasn’t already obvious after his sneak attack on Roman Reigns at WWE Battleground, Luke Harper publicly rejoined The Wyatt Family on Raw, pledging his allegiance to The New Face of Fear’s reign of terror.

With The Wyatt Family together again, what does this mean for The Big Dog and the rest of WWE? What does the frightening pair have in store for SmackDown? Find out on Thursday’s hottest show.

Are the stars aligning for a heroic encounter?

Neville vs. Fandango: Raw, July 27, 2015

As the heroic Man That Gravity Forgot takes flight against Fandango, Stardust sends a bewildering message to his caped adversary.

While Stardust’s message isn’t always crystal clear, it’s become obvious the starry-eyed Superstar has set his sights on Neville in his quest to embrace the strange. Tonight on SmackDown, “The Prince of Dark Matter” clashes with R-Truth in a must-see one-on-one showdown. But will we see the strange Superstar continue his unusual pursuit of The Man That Gravity Forgot? And will the high-flying Neville attempt to face his villainous foe to settle their difference once and for all?

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