How will Kane affect Money in the Bank?

How will Kane affect Money in the Bank?

Kane is one of the most destructive forces in all of WWE history, having left more bodies in his wake than an episode of “Game of Thrones.”  Now, numerous championships and battles later, The Authority’s respected Director of Operations has inserted himself into this year’s Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match.

With that, what does Kane believe truly is “best for business” going into this year’s WWE Network event? Will his role in this match be simply to stop the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns from winning – both of whom are known advisories of the current corporate power base? Or is it more about inserting himself into the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture?

The current status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is unstable at best, with Dean Ambrose running wild with the title in his possession, even as reigning titleholder Seth Rollins distances himself from the fold. Considering that a contract for the WWE World Heavyweight Title – which can be cashed in by the winner any time for an entire year – is on the line, it only makes sense for The Authority to have an insurance policy in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and spare themselves any further embarrassment in the coming months.

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That stated, Kane’s participation might also be fueled by his personal animosity for Seth Rollins. After all, The Corporate Demon has been around for almost 20 years and probably wouldn’t mind holding the WWE World Heavyweight Title again.  Out of pure loyalty to The Authority,he  has assisted in most of Rollins’ championship victories.  But now that the landscape has changed; with Rollins seemingly alienating himself from Triple H and Stephanie, perhaps Kane has been positioned to win the contract himself, then go on to assert himself as The Authority’s new Face of WWE.

Here’s another thought: Could Kane be in the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match in order to bring someone new into the fold? Triple H has said himself on several occasions, “There’s always a Plan B,”  and the playing field is ripe with potential investments. It’s no secret that The Game’s a massive supporter of NXT and Neville is a former NXT Champion. Sheamus is the first-ever Irish-born WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a former King of the Ring. Then there’s The Authority’s recent alignment with The New Day on SmackDown; perhaps they could choose to back Kofi Kingston?

No one ever knows what goes on in the twisted mind of WWE’s Director of Operations. But considering The Authority’s love for deception, one can only bank on the unexpected to occur.

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