What would the 'Age of Ambrose' mean for WWE?

What would the 'Age of Ambrose' mean for WWE?

This Sunday, Dean Ambrose will battle Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber. But what will actually happen if the World Title ends up in the hands of The Lunatic Fringe?

Would it spell the end of The Authority? It’s no secret that the unhinged brawler is not WWE COO Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s choice to be the “Face of WWE.” Moreover, their ability to keep Rollins at the helm provides a certain stability. It allows them to maintain their control over the title picture and their powerbase in general. They understand Rollins. After all, as The Game has said numerous times, The Architect reminds him of himself.

If the No. 1 contender comes out triumphant at the WWE Network event, however, then anarchy will come knocking at The Authority’s door. In contrast to his opponent, Ambrose represents a complete lack of control. Every time anyone has tried to rein in the unpredictable competitor, he has greeted their acts of dominance with a smile. Put him in a match against a horrific opponent? He enjoys it. Arrest him? He comes charging back in a police patty wagon. They don’t seem to be able to stop this impulsive force-of-nature. And if they can’t stop him, won’t it only be a matter of time before he stops them and takes the whole thing apart in the process?

Then, there is the question of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship itself. There is no denying that Ambrose would be a fighting champion, much like John Cena is now with the United States Title. But it is possible that such an unstable Superstar at the top of the mountain would transform WWE’s ultimate prize together? Considering the rough nature of Ambrose, could the World Title become more like the Hardcore Title of old, where The Lunatic Fringe might reinstitute a 24/7 rules and allow anyone to challenge him anytime/anywhere?

Perhaps the biggest question is that if Ambrose becomes champion, what will happen to his relationship with his “only friend” Roman Reigns. The two “brothers” have watched each other’s backs since coming to WWE. Even when they fought in a Fatal 4-Way at WWE Payback earlier this month, they were able to reemerge as united as ever. That bond, though, is one thing and the World Title is definitely something else.

How strong will The Big Dog’s allegiance remain if Ambrose is suddenly on top? Wouldn’t he attempt to get the title at any cost, even if he had to go through his “brother” to do it? And considering that Seth Rollins will not be going anywhere anytime soon, could that ultimately create a three-way battle for the WWE World Heavyweight Title like no one has ever seen before?

Whether Dean Ambrose can overcome the “Future of WWE” at Sunday’s WWE Network event is a perplexing question. But if he does find a way to do it, it may just spell chaos for anyone who steps into the squared circle. Don’t miss WWE Elimination Chamber, this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. ET.

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