What will happen when Triple H returns to Raw?

What will happen when Triple H returns to Raw?

For the first time since WrestleMania 31, WWE COO Triple H will return alongside The Authority on WWE’s flagship show Monday night. But, what will be the overall impact of The Game’s return?

Perhaps most at the forefront will be Triple H’s highly-anticipated announcement regarding the return of WWE Tough Enough. Though WWE.com has yet to find out any specifics as to what will be said, the return of the show already has the entire WWE Universe buzzing. The intensity will surely grow tenfold once the 13-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion takes the mic.

Then there’s the question of Kane. It will be interesting to see whether The Director of Operations will suffer repercussions for the decisions he made while being left in charge – particularly those involving WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ current situation with Randy Orton. And what of the Divas controversy? Will The King of Kings approve of the way the Corporate Demon has handled #GiveDivasaChance, and the question of who should be the No. 1 contender to Nikki Bella’s championship?

With Extreme Rules just a week away, will Triple H decide to add or change stipulations to existing pay-per-view match-ups? After all, there has yet to be any stipulation added to Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan’s title showdown against former titleholder Bad News Barrett. The Cerebral Assassin has never hid the fact that he is no fan of WWE’s “Yes!” Man and may indeed take steps to take the championship off his waist. Plus, there’s no telling how he will react to The Viper adding a Steel Cage stipulation for the sole purpose of taking The Authority out of the equation on Sunday, April 26.

 Monday night, it’s Time to Play The Game. Find out who will indeed get played on Raw, at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

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