SmackDown Five-Point Preview: March 12, 2015

How will The Viper justify the slaughter?

After orchestrating a vicious assault on “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw, which culminated in a thunderous RKO through the announce table, Randy Orton will return to SmackDown return tonight in an exclusive interview with Michael Cole.

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As The Viper slithers onto Thursday night’s hottest show, what will he have to say about his surprise attack on the “Future of WWE”? Will he make further comment against The Authority? And perhaps most importantly, will WWE’s Apex Predator reveal his next move?

The Road to WrestleMania has transformed into Orton’s personal path of vengeance. Don’t miss the next stop, tonight at 8/7 C on Syfy.

Two Superstars grab the SmackDown mic

Paul Heyman addresses the rumors about Brock Lesnar's WWE future: Raw, March 9, 2015

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his advocate, Paul Heyman, clear the air about The Beast Incarnate's WWE future.

Tonight on SmackDown, both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are scheduled to address the WWE Universe. After Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar belittled the No. 1 contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Monday on Raw, what will The Big Dog have to say to the outspoken Advocate and The Beast Incarnate? One has to wonder whether the Mad Scientist or his client will be on hand to confront the black-clad Superstar face-to-face?

Since having his WrestleMania main event dreams dashed for the year, the WWE Universe has been wondering what Daniel Bryan’s next move is? With only 17 days remaining until The Showcase of the Immortals takes place, just where will The “Yes!” Man showcase his talents at The Show of Shows? Will he declare his entrance in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal or seek out a showdown with another Superstar in the locker room? Or is he finally facing the fact that WrestleMania 31 will no longer be an option?

Can the “frenemies” coexist?

AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae: Raw, March 9, 2015

AJ Lee takes on the wily Summer Rae, who's flanked by Cameron and Eva Marie.

As announced earlier this week on, “frenemies” AJ Lee and Paige will take on The Bella Twins at WrestleMania 31. While the sisterly bond between Divas Champion Nikki and the lovely Brie seems stronger than ever, AJ and Paige, in contrast, have never truly seen eye to eye. Two unconventional Divas spent a good portion of last year in a heated rivalry for the Divas Championship. Then again, a great rivalry can also means great chemistry, and these two Divas share the common goal of wanting to shut the twins up once and for all. Will it be enough?

Perhaps we’ll get our answer when The Black Widow and The Diva of Tomorrow team together tonight on SmackDown against the formidable Summer Rae & Cameron. And one has to ask: This close to their Show of Shows confrontation, will The Bellas impose their will on the action?

Whose next to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship?

Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett: Raw, March 9, 2015

The "Yes!" Man takes on the actual Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett.

It has been an all-out game of Intercontinental Championship hot potato in recent weeks. Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth, and Stardust have all had their hands on the WWE gold, while the actual champion, Bad News Barrett, hasn’t been able to hold onto his coveted title for more than a moment at a time. And there is no reason to believe the chaos will end anytime soon, as it’s all taking place in the shadow of the imminent Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match at The Showcase of the Immortals on March 29.

While the constant antics continue to fuel the rage of both a very dangerous English titleholder and his contenders, the WWE Universe simply wonders what they will try next.

Which Superstar will escape Thursday night with the title in his grasp? And will any more contenders step into the spotlight to be part of the highly anticipated WrestleMania showdown?

How will Rusev respond to John Cena’s attack?

John Cena displays reckless abandon to get his rematch with Rusev at WrestleMania: Raw, March 9, 2015

John Cena will stop at nothing to get his United States Championship rematch with Rusev at WrestleMania.

After weeks of Rusev refusing John Cena’s challenge to battle the 15-time World Champion on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Lana accepted the bout on the Russian Superstar’s behalf — thanks to the Cenation leader’s aggressive negotiation techniques on The Bulgarian Brute.

No doubt furious over what transpired Monday, what will Rusev have to say about his rematch with Cena at WrestleMania 31? Will The Super Athlete look to take out his frustrations on another Superstar? And will Rusev feel any animosity toward The Ravishing Russian after she went against his decision to deny Cena their rematch?

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