How will The Authority choose to deal with Big Show?

How will The Authority choose to deal with Big Show?

On Thursday night SmackDown, it seemed as if The Authority had finally found a way to dismantle Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns, heading into WWE Fastlane. But just when it looked like Kane & Big Show were going to pick up the pieces on their war-torn adversaries in the final moments of a fierce Tag Team Turmoil Match, things completely broke down and Big Show KO’d his own partner.

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Now the question becomes: How will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon deal with dissension in their ranks? In any leadership position, it is important to send a quick and decisive message. By that logic, punishing The World’s Largest Athlete is absolutely necessary.

If there are repercussions, though, exactly what form will they take? In the past, The Authority has had no problem using Big Show’s job and financial future against him. Or could the misstep lead to another epic clash of the titans between Big Show and Corporate Kane, in an attempt to settle Authority business in-house? Could the giant be outright fired? Fined? Would the often self-critical Big Show, upset over letting his temper get the best of him, pull a Tiger Woods and choose to suspend himself?

On the other hand, might treading lightly in the gigantic Superstar’s path be what’s “best for business”? Never forget, before Survivor Series, Big Show was a powerful force against The Authority. It was only when he betrayed John Cena and his team that the threat was squished. Does The Authority really want to reawaken that humongous hazard — just more than 40 days before WrestleMania? If WWE history shows one thing, you do not want to see the angry side of Big Show.

Find out the answer to The Authority’s gigantic problem on Monday Night Raw at 8/7C on USA Network.

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