SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Jan. 9, 2015

Rollins kicks things off, as SmackDown prepares to move to Thursdays

Tonight marks the final Friday night SmackDown before the second longest-running weekly episodic show in TV history moves to Thursday night next week! And whatever else the landmark episode may include, there is one thing the WWE Universe will not see: Seth Rollins on “Miz TV.”

In his first exclusive interview in some time, WWE COO Triple H made it clear that Mr. Money in the Bank will not be on the controversial talk show. Nevertheless, “The Future of WWE” is still scheduled to kick off SmackDown on his own.

With The Authority back in control, Rollins returns to SmackDown a conquering hero, and we can assure you the outspoken Superstar will have plenty to say. He has already being rewarded for his allegiance to The Game and Stephanie McMahon by being inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Royal Rumble. And now that three of his recent adversaries — Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler — have been unceremoniously fired on Raw, one has to wonder if there is anyone who will dare stand in his way.

Three times the title match

The Usos & Naomi vs. The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Alicia Fox: Raw, January 5, 2015

The Usos team up with Naomi to square off against The Miz, Damien Mizdow and new "Total Diva," Alicia Fox.

Tonight will also play host to a Triple Threat WWE Tag Team Championship Match, pitting The Usos against a pair of former titleholder duos: The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Gold & Stardust.

In a free-for-all contest where virtually anything can happen and in which the high-flying titleholder don’t even have to be pinned to lose their illustrious gold, the odds are that the final Friday night SmackDown could include the ultimate grounding of “Uso-Crazy.”

Big trouble in little SmackDown

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show: Raw, January 5, 2015

"The Big Dog" faces a vengeful giant in this hard-hitting clash.

Big Show’s rivalry against Roman Reigns reached new heights on Raw Monday night. And while The World’s Largest Athlete blasted his powerful adversary with the steel steps, Reigns fired back with an earth-shattering Spear.

Brace yourself, WWE Universe. We fully expect this uncontrollable back-and-forth conflict to rage on SmackDown tonight on Syfy. But is the giant’s association with The Authority destined to spell the end for 2014’s “Superstar of the Year”?

Who else is ready to Rumble?

On Tuesday, United States Champion Rusev joined Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan as participants in the 2015 Royal Rumble Match in the hopes of securing an opportunity to headline WrestleMania!

Who will be the next Superstar to step up to the plate and declare his intention to be part of the legendary match? Tune into SmackDown to find out!

Total Diva redemption?

Alicia Fox attacks Naomi in the locker room area: Raw, January 5, 2015

The latest "Total Divas" star makes things personal with Naomi.

After attacking Naomi backstage on Raw, the newest “Total Diva” Alicia Fox will take on the irate, former member of the award-winning reality show, tonight on SmackDown. Alicia may be tough, but does anyone really want to be on Naomi’s bad side? 

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