SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Dec. 5, 2014

Can Ziggler capture the Intercontinental Title on Santino’s SmackDown?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper - Intercontinental Championship Match: SmackDown, November 28, 2014

Dolph Ziggler looks to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship from Luke Harper.

Dolph Ziggler has forged an impressive reputation for himself of late, not only as a tough individual, but also as a competitor who will indeed steal the show every single time. Now, with Santino Marella in charge of SmackDown tonight, that attitude has won the bleach-blond Superstar another Intercontinental Title Match.

The Milan Miracle made the explosive contest official earlier this week. But can Ziggler overcome the pure brute force of the creepy Luke Harper?

SmackDown’s unstable international incident

Dean Ambrose sends a message to Bray Wyatt: Raw, December 1, 2014

The Lunatic Fringe shows that he's not afraid of The Eater of Worlds before their Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.

It’s no exaggeration to say that both Dean Ambrose and United States Champion Rusev have their hands full at the moment. Earlier this week, The Hero of the Russian Federation  took out Zeb Colter backstage on Raw. In doing so, he brought the wrath of “The Real American” Jack Swagger upon himself.

As for The Lunatic Fringe, his already intense rivalry against his WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs opponent Bray Wyatt reached new heights when the unstable Superstar destroyed The Eater of Worlds’ sacred rocking chair on WWE’s flagship show.

One has to ask themselves, with the Rusev and Ambrose squaring off tonight on SmackDown, how will we not see some sort of interference from the combatants’ respective adversaries?

Even more dangerous when backed into a corner

Cyber Monday gets off to a chaotic start: Raw, December 1, 2014

John Cena's confrontation with the Anonymous Raw General Manager sparks a frenzied brawl.

And what of the surviving members of the now-ousted Authority, Kane, Seth Rollins and — by virtue of his traitorous acts at Survivor Series — Big Show? Since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were thrown out of power at the November classic pay-per-view, their allies have found themselves in a whole new ballgame.

WWE TLC: John Cena vs. Seth Rollin |  Erick Rowan vs. Big Show Ryback vs. Kane 

None of that changes the fact, however, that at WWE TLC, all three of these Superstars have huge matches. So with the WWE Network event nine days away, it will be interesting to see what their next moves to seize momentum will be. Find out tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

Who is in “Us-SO!” much trouble?

The Miz has a few words for Naomi: Raw, December 1, 2014

The Miz compliments and congratulates Naomi.

There is no denying that The Moneymaker has certainly instigated his share of problems around WWE. Case in point, this week the WWE Tag Team Champion raised of ire of the high-flying Jimmy Uso. After approaching Jimmy’s wife Naomi to “help her,” The Awesome One did not get a favorable response from the Samoan Superstar to say the least.

WWE Tag Team Title Match at WWE TLC

Tonight, Jimmy’s brother Jey is scheduled to battle The Miz on SmackDown. But in our estimation, it’s really six-to-five and pick ’em whether this match will even get off the ground with Jimmy, most likely, only feet away?

Prepare for Divas detonation

AJ Lee & Naomi vs. The Bella Twins - WWE App Vote Match: Raw, December 1, 2014

AJ Lee and a partner chosen by WWE App voters clash with The Bella Twins.

Speaking of Naomi, she will be taking on Brie Bella on SmackDown tonight. And while the “Total Diva” continues to impress the WWE Universe and the locker room alike, her opponent Brie and her sister Divas Champion Nikki have remained on the collision course with former titleholder AJ Lee.

It will be interesting to see if The Miz’s drama with Jimmy Uso or AJ make their way into SmackDown showdown tonight.

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