SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Sept. 5, 2014

A Cenation address to open SmackDown

John Cena, Roman Reigns & Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins & Kane: Raw, Sept. 1, 2014

John Cena teams with Roman Reigns & Chris Jericho to face Randy Orton, Seth Rollins & Kane in the main event of Raw.

If John Cena’s recent aggressive attitude wasn’t proof enough, the 15-time World Champion closed out Monday’s Raw by showing that he is, without a doubt, ready to battle  WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions on Sept. 21.

A whole new chapter could be written tonight, however, as Cena is scheduled to open SmackDown. Could The Best Incarnate or Paul Heyman attempt to make a painful statement of their own? Will WWE COO Triple H try to further establish his Authority, in the wake of his comments on during Wednesday’s exclusive interview? Find out at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

Will Bella read the Paige?

Stephanie McMahon causes unrest in the Divas division: Raw, Sept. 1, 2014

Things get a little out of control when Stephanie McMahon makes a decision regarding the No. 1 Contender for the Divas Championship.

It’s hard to define the currently most volatile situation in the Divas’ division. Is it sibling rivalry? “Frenemies” gone crazy? “Total Divas” drama? Well, tonight has the potential to become all of the above, when Divas Champion Paige takes on Brie Bella.

If recent weeks have shown the WWE Universe anything, it’s that wherever The Diva of Tomorrow goes — or more specifically her Divas Title — AJ Lee and a lot of trouble will not be far behind. On top of that, we would not be surprised if Nikki Bella chose to bring further family frustration to the best show on Friday night. So the only question is, with so many women scorned, should the referee even bother coming to the ring?

Showing off against the The King of Swing

Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro & The Miz: Raw, Sept. 1, 2014

United States Champion Sheamus & Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler team up to face Cesaro & The Miz

Cesaro helped The Miz defeat Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & United States Champion Sheamus on Monday.

Night of Champions: United States Title match preview | Intercontinental Title preview

Now, the No. 1 contender to The Celtic Warrior’s title will take on The Showoff one-on-one. Considering Ziggler’s talent for stealing the show and the powerful Swiss Superman’s ability to Neutralize it outright, look for this to be the match of the night. But with both Superstars ready for title showdowns at Night of Champions, it’s also very possible this excellent contest will never reach a clear conclusion.

Ain’t that a kick in the head!

Mark Henry & Big Show vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: Raw, Sept. 1, 2014

Mark Henry & Big Show give Luke Harper & Erick Rowan a big problem on Raw.

It’s true that Mark Henry walked off Raw with a tag team victory for himself & Big Show. But since that was a disqualification win brought on by Rusev kicking him in the face, it’s safe to say The World Strongest Man was not too happy about it — so much so that he later challenged The Super Athlete to a showdown.

But whether The Hero of the Russian Federation and the outspoken Lana will step up the challenge on SmackDown remains to be seen.

How will Superstars get ready for Raw?

While SmackDown already reigns supreme every Friday night, this week’s show is particularly special because it will serve as a staging ground for the season premiere of Raw, this Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

This event will see Roman Reigns engage his dangerous adversary Randy Orton, Chris Jericho will go head-to-head with Bray Wyatt inside a Steel Cage and controversial talk-show personality Jerry Springer returns to WWE to host an “intervention” for The Bella Twins! With so much riding on the special episode of WWE’s celebrated flagship show, it will be interesting to see which competitors will look to seize momentum and who will just unleash all-out mayhem.

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