SmackDown Five-Point Preview: May 2, 2014

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: May 2, 2014

Will Ambrose – and The Shield – adapt or perish?

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton: Raw, April 28, 2014

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton face off in the Raw main event until chaos erupts between The Shield and Evolution.

A mere two days before the much-anticipated Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the WWE Universe will be treated to a volatile edition of SmackDown, complete with a contract signing, a word or two from the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a United States Title Match!

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Before The Shield takes on Evolution Sunday in a clash of two of WWE’s most dominant factions of all time, The Authority has placed one last obstacle in front of The Hounds of Justice: a Fatal 4-Way Match for Dean Ambrose’s United States Championship.

Watch Roman Reigns battle Randy Orton on Raw |  Photos

With word that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be banned from ringside, will The Shield’s most eccentric member be able to defend his illustrious title against three dangerous Superstars like Alberto Del Rio, Ryback and Curtis Axel? Will Triple H and Evolution look to intercede, further disrupting one of their adversaries before Sunday’s multi-era-spanning battle? Tune in tonight to SmackDown on Syfy at 8/7 CT to find out! And be sure to watch the SmackDown Pre-Show at 7:30 ET for further analysis – exclusively on WWE Network!

Will Wyatt still be singing come Sunday?

Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt: WWE Main Event, April 29, 2014

Bray Wyatt looks for momentum heading into Extreme Rules against Sheamus.

Also tonight on SmackDown, Sheamus & WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos will team up to face the uniquely menacing Wyatt Family. This intriguing matchup comes on the heels of the Samoan warriors saving The Celtic Warrior from a beat down at the hands of “The New Face of Fear” immediately after Sheamus’ controversial loss to Bray on WWE Main Event Tuesday night.

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Although this Six-Man tag contest promises no shortage of action and excitement, one has to wonder if “The Eater of World’s” focus is instead on his looming Steel Cage Match against John Cena this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Will he make waves on SmackDown that will add to his growing following among the WWE Universe? Or, will the Superstar with “the whole world in his hands” be singing a different song after a massive – and likely grueling – Six-Man Tag Team showdown?

What might a battered Bryan say on SmackDown?

Kane attacks Daniel Bryan: Raw, April 21, 2014

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan becomes the helpless victim of an attack from Kane.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s first title defense comes in a highly personal grudge match against the demonic Kane at Extreme Rules on Sunday. Tonight, the battered WWE fan favorite ventures to SmackDown, and one has to figure that The Devil’s Favorite Demon – and The Authority – will be on his mind.

What will Bryan have to say to the WWE Universe following WWE’s Director of Operations’ vicious series of Tombstone Piledrivers less than two weeks ago and The Beard’s rejection of Stephanie McMahon’s apology this week on Raw? Is Bryan’s head – and his body, for that matter – in the right place heading into such an important match?

Big trouble with little signing?

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle: WWE Main Event, April 22, 2014

It's round two between Hornswoggle and El Torito on WWE Main Event!

On Sunday, El Torito and Hornswoggle compete in WWE’s first-ever "WeeLC" Match on the Extreme Rules Pre-Show on WWE Network. The final hurdle to clear before this prizefight of pint-sized proportions is a contract signing tonight on SmackDown.

With so many forceful personalities involved – 3MB and Los Matadores, to say nothing of the little leading battlers – can this “WeeLC” contract signing go off without a hitch? If any funny business does go down, will the bull or the rocker be standing tall before Sunday’s miniscule melee?

Will any Superstars make ‘Extreme’ statements?

Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett - Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender's Tournament Finals Match: Raw, April 28, 2014

Rob Van Dam and Bad News Barrett square off to see who will earn the opportunity to face Intercontinental Champion Big E.

With both a massive Intercontinental Title Match and a Triple Threat Elimination contest just around the corner at Extreme Rules, tonight’s SmackDown is the last opportunity for the Superstars competing in those major matches to gain some momentum.

Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger go one-on-one tonight – heading into their showdown on Sunday with The King of Swing, Cesaro. After Swagger and Cesaro’s controversial involvement in his Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match on Raw, will RVD get further payback tonight? Or, will the WWE Universe have to wait for the pay-per-view free-for-all?

Likewise, Intercontinental Champion Big E is in action tonight against Titus O’Neil. Will the musclebound champion power past “The Big Deal” and be ready for his title defense against Bad News Barrett when WWE goes Extreme? Tune in to Syfy at 8/7 CT to find out! And be sure to tune in to the SmackDown Pre-Show tonight at 7:30 ET and Backstage Pass, immediately after SmackDown comes to a close – exclusively on WWE Network!

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