SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Jan. 17, 2014

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Jan. 17, 2014

Can Cody & Goldust run down The Outlaws?

CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield: Raw, Jan. 13, 2014

CM Punk teams with The New Age Outlaws to face The Shield in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

After their shocking betrayal of CM Punk Monday on Raw, The New Age Outlaws come to SmackDown tonight to square off against WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust. While it may not technically be a title match, there are certainly championship implications, as a victory over the brothers Rhodes would elevate The Attitude Era staples.

Watch the New Age Outlaws in DX

Once again at the center of controversy, will 5-time titleholders Road Dogg & Billy Gunn reassert themselves into the WWE Tag Team Championship picture, or will Cody & Goldust deliver some comeuppance for a battered and bruised CM Punk?

How will Daniel Bryan follow up Monday night’s defiance?

Daniel Bryan leaves The Wyatt Family: Raw, Jan. 13, 2014

Daniel Bryan breaks free from The Wyatt Family and ends Raw on a high note.

On Raw, Daniel Bryan stood up to Bray Wyatt and his followers, leveling the backwoods preacher inside the confines of a steel cage. As a result, with the WWE Universe squarely in his corner, Bryan now stands at a crucial juncture in his career.

The Best of The Beard

It can be argued that he’s never had as much momentum as he does right now, and all eyes are focused intently on what The Beard will do next. So, how does Bryan follow up one of the most memorable Monday nights in recent history?

Find out tonight, at 8/7 CT, only on Syfy!

What is CM Punk’s next move?

CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield: SmackDown, Jan. 10, 2014

CM Punk teams with the legendary New Age Outlaws to face The Shield in the main event of SmackDown.

After being spurned by The New Age Outlaws during their tag match against The Shield Monday, CM Punk will certainly journey to SmackDown tonight with retribution on his mind. But just who might be locked and loaded in the crosshairs of The Best in the World?

Punk has rightful qualms with a number of people, including the heads of The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Director of Operations Kane, The Shield and, obviously, the aforementioned Road Dogg & Billy Gunn. So, who will Punk target on Friday night’s best show? Tune in tonight to find out!

Can The Usos continue to fly high after an explosive Monday night?

The Usos vs. Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan - Tag Team Cage Match: Raw, Jan. 13, 2014

The Usos clash Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan inside a steel cage in the main event for Raw.

The tag team division in WWE today is, arguably, the best it’s been in decades. With new, exciting and, frankly, dominant, duos emerging seemingly every week, WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust have competition from all corners of the locker room.

WWE's greatest tag teams

Chief among that competition has to be The Usos, who picked up two massive wins Monday, including a Raw main event Steel Cage Match victory over Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt.

The WWE Universe has witnessed the rise of The Usos over the past year-plus, and after their epic performance Monday night, it appears that this high-flying, high-octane tandem is on the precipice of big, big things.

What heights will they reach tonight on SmackDown?

Will Randy Orton pay for his crimes in the Cenation?

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton: Raw, Jan. 13, 2014

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton snaps following his match against Kofi Kingston.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton sickened the WWE Universe Monday on Raw,  attacking John Cena’s father after The Viper suffered a shocking loss to a surging Kofi Kingston in one-on-one action.

John Cena gives injury update on his father

For his part, Cena was too concerned about his dad to seek retribution against WWE’s Apex Predator that night, but now that four days have passed, will the former World Heavyweight Champion seek out The Viper on SmackDown? Further, if Cena does, in fact, get his hands on Orton tonight, how will that affect their impending Title Match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view?

Find out how it all shakes out, tonight on Syfy!

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