SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Sept. 13, 2013

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Sept. 13, 2013

Will Edge best the business?

Edge returns with "The Cutting Edge" and special guest Daniel Bryan: Raw, Sept. 9, 2013

WWE Hall of Famer Edge gets a little more than he bargained for when he returns to Raw to host "The Cutting Edge."

As noted in a exclusive interview with WWE COO Triple H earlier this week, “The Cutting Edge” returns to the blue brand tonight. And scheduled to join WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be WWE Champion Randy Orton and his Night of Champions No. 1 contender, Daniel Bryan!

While no one can predict just what the 11-time WWE Champion will bring to the table, one thing’s for sure: The Rated-R Superstar is none too happy with The Game — despite Triple H’s admission that “The Cutting Edge” is what’s “best for business.”

After The King of Kings apparently  ordered The Shield to take out Edge’s best friend and former tag team partner, Christian, Monday on Raw, The Ultimate Opportunist will no doubt look for the perfect moment to strike back at The Cerebral Assassin.

Will that moment come tonight, and if so, just what can the WWE Universe expect from The Master Manipulator? Find out tonight at 8/7 CT, only on Syfy!

What’s the next power play for The Game?

A stunning turn of events takes place after Daniel Bryan overcomes Dean Ambrose: Raw, Sept. 9, 2013

Daniel Bryan battles Dean Ambrose then faces the threat of Randy Orton and Big Show in the aftermath.

WWE COO Triple H is making it his personal corporate responsibility to make life a living hell for certain WWE Superstars (cue “ Flight of the Valkyries”). Also caught in the mire of The Game’s backstage machinations is Big Show, though, who, as we’ve been told by Triple H, Stephanie, and company, is completely broke — and now must operate at the whim (and under the boot) of the McMahon clan.

What does The Game have in store for The World’s Largest Athlete tonight after the events of Raw's closing moments? And what will be the giant’s “punishment,” as promised by Triple H in a exclusive sitdown interview with Michael Cole? For that matter, what does the COO have in store for Edge, Daniel Bryan and anyone else who may not agree with what he feels is “best for business”?

What is the current state of Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman Live In-Ring Medical Evaluation: Raw, Sept. 9, 2013

CM Punk makes sure that Paul Heyman get out of the match at Night of Champions.

Tonight, Paul Heyman is scheduled for an exclusive interview with Michael Cole. Heyman’s been looking pretty haggard lately, run ragged by the mere thought of CM Punk taking out months of aggression on the ECW founder if The Second City Saint can break through Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel at Night of Champions.

In typical Heyman fashion, the masterful mouthpiece has talked a big, bad game, but when it comes time to put up or shut up during his and Axel’s Handicap Elimination Match Sunday night, well, let’s just say Heyman has become a stark realist.

If Punk does, in fact, get his hands on the mad scientist, it doesn’t take Nostradamus status to figure out what’s in store for Heyman’s unshaven face.

What’s Paul E. got to say about his day-to-day?

Will AJ incite another Divas riot?

"Total Divas" react to AJ Lee's Raw "pipe bomb" - Exclusive

Brie Bella, Natalya, and Naomi sound off on AJ Lee's tirade on Raw and her assessment of the "Total Divas" stars.

Many in the WWE Universe may feel that Divas Champion AJ Lee isn’t exactly all there where it comes to her mental wellbeing. That said, there is a group of fellow Divas who seemingly have no problem  aligning with the champion in her quest to bring the “Total Divas” back down to earth (this is AJ’s logic, remember).

Even so, will AJ’s newfound alliance with Layla, Alicia Fox and Aksana once again lead to an all-out Divas riot, as it did Monday on Raw? And how closely will the pint-sized powder keg of a champion be watching the cast of “Total Divas” when Natalya, Brie Bella & Naomi battle Alicia Fox, Layla & Aksana in a Six-Diva Tag Match, just days before the highly anticipated Fatal 4-Way Title Match at Night of Champions?

Find out when SmackDown rocks Syfy, tonight at 8/7 CT!

Can Santino make it two in a row?

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 9, 2013

Santino Marella returns to Raw and goes one-on-one with Antonio Cesaro.

This week on Raw, the WWE Universe got a nice surprise, as The Milan Miracle himself,  Santino Marella, returned to action after a five-month stint on the shelf due to injury. Despite being  swung around for more than 30 seconds by the scary strong Antonio Cesaro, Santino pulled off a big win over his old foe.

Perhaps even more importantly, the hilarious import from Italy is a welcomed sight, especially in these dark days of Triple H’s very corporate takeover.

Can Marella make it two in a row tonight when he squares off against Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow? Find out at 8/7 CT, only on Syfy!

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