SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 30, 2013

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 30, 2013

Will “Miz TV” threaten the power structure of WWE?

Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield - Gauntlet Match: Raw, August 26, 2013

Daniel Bryan tries to take down each member of The Shield in a Gauntlet Match.

Tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy, SmackDown kicks off with the “most must-see show in WWE” — “Miz TV”! And, just four days after being forced to stand helpless as The Shield and WWE Champion Randy Orton brutalized Daniel Bryan on Raw, Big Show and Dolph Ziggler are scheduled to join The Awesome One.

Photos: Triple H helps Randy Orton win the WWE Title

Considering their recent entanglements with the involved parties, it’s very possible that the outspoken trio will address not only the vicious attack, but also the current status of the WWE establishment as a whole.

Under threat of firing – or worse – find out whether the Superstars will keep their silence!

Could Punk make Heyman eat his words — and his Kendo stick?

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel - WWE App Vote Match: Raw, August 26, 2013

CM Punk takes on Curtis Axel for a chance to get his hands on Paul Heyman.

After he and his client, Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, battered a handcuffed CM Punk with a Kendo stick on Monday’s Raw, Paul Heyman will journey to SmackDown to surely address the assault, and their upcoming  Night of Champions Handicap Elimination Match against The Straight Edge Superstar.

Soundboard: Heyman at the movies

Never at a loss for words, will Heyman add insult to injury with one of his patented verbal salvos? In all likelihood … absolutely. But with less than three weeks until Night of Champions, riling up The Best in the World may not be the best course of action. And it is very possible that, despite the onslaught he suffered on Monday, Punk may decide to emerge for some Friday-night retribution.

Can RVD make an intellectual splash?

Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio: Raw, August 26, 2013

Rob Van Dam takes on the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw.

Since his return at Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam has shown the WWE Universe that his high-flying offense is as innovative as ever. And, with Ricardo Rodriguez on his side, not only did he beat World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on Raw, but he is now slated to face “The Essence of Excellence” for his illustrious World Title at Night of Champions.

RVD's greatest rirvalries

Tonight on SmackDown, though, he must first cross paths with another key player in the current World Title picture: Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Damien Sandow. Will “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” school RVD? Or is “Mr. Pay-Per-View” going to continue his winning ways all the way up to and through his title match on Sep. 15?

Who will “The Hounds of Justice” sink their teeth into next?

Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield - Gauntlet Match continues: WWE App Exclusive, Aug. 26, 2013

Daniel Bryan takes on his first of a possible three opponents in this Gauntlet Match against The Shield. To get a first look at more exclusives like this, check out the official WWE App!

Even since Randy Orton won the WWE Title at SummerSlam, The Shield seems to have found a whole new avenue for their unique brand of ruthless aggression. United States Champion Dean Ambrose and WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have been involved in a variety of vicious beatdowns of Daniel Bryan in recent weeks, harshly stomping out any “injustice” they see.

Although The Hounds of Justice aren’t currently scheduled for a match tonight, they will surely make their intimidating presence felt on SmackDown.

Can Tons of Funk stop the surging Wyatt Family?

Tons of Funk vs. The Wyatt Family's Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: SmackDown, July 26, 2013

The Wyatt Family's Luke Harper & Erick Rowan make their in-ring debuts against Tons of Funk.

Tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy, it’s a battle of funky vs. creepy, as Tons of Funk take on Bray Wyatt’s followers, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. In several previous meetings, Brodus Clay and Tensai found themselves on the losing end against the brutal Wyatts. But that could all end tonight.

See the Funkadactyls on "Total Divas" | Where do you think Kane is?

With a chance at redemption, will the toe-tapping tag team throw their weight around and become the first to defeat the eerie Wyatts? Or, could more ill-fated Superstars be joining Kane in the menacing newcomers’ wake?

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