SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Barrett in Steel Cage Match; Orton strikes with venomous fury

SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Barrett in Steel Cage Match; Orton strikes with venomous fury

Bryan embarrassed Orton; WWE Championship Rematch made

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Just five days after The Biggest Party of the Summer, Daniel Bryan set his sights on WWE Champion Randy Orton before stepping into a steel cage against The Barrett Barrage; Big Show & Mark Henry rocked 3MB and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio battled Christian in a rematch of their SummerSlam classic.  

Daniel Bryan expels Randy Orton from the ring, moments after their WWE Title Rematch is made for Night of Champions: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton come face-off to get things started on SmackDown.

The new WWE Champion, Randy Orton, opened SmackDown by justifying  cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam. The Viper claimed he didn’t know Triple H was going to Pedigree Bryan – but that he just couldn’t pass up an opportunity literally lying in front of him.

Check out new plates on WWE Title, courtesy WWE Instagram

While Bryan emerged to praise the efforts of John Cena in Sunday’s WWE Title showdown, he quickly refuted Orton’s claim that he was "the face" of WWE, insisting that it was time for that face to change. The Bearded Superstar mocked how "pretty" and arrogant Orton is, reducing The Viper’s success to established in-ring lineage and the "genetic golden ticket" he was bestowed upon birth. Bryan then invoked his rematch clause, challenging Orton that very night on SmackDown!

While the WWE Universe agreed, Orton said the former titleholder would have to wait until Night of Champions. When he tried to RKO Bryan, however, the journeyman grappler delivered a thundering dropkick that sent The Viper flying out of the ring!

Vickie Guerrero made a Steel Cage Match

Stewing over Daniel Bryan’s interruption of the WWE Champion moments earlier, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero looked to "teach that little troll a lesson." When Wade Barrett emerged offering just the thing, Vickie one-upped The Barrett Barrage’s offer, making Bryan vs. the British brawler in a Steel Cage Match for later in the night!

Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes vs. Curtis Axel: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Curtis Axel faces Cody Rhodes on SmackDown and then a re-match is made for Raw between the Intercontinental Champion and CM Punk.

Following up his huge victory in a highly personal match against former buddy (and current Mr. Money in the Bank) Damien Sandow at SummerSlam, Cody Rhodes looked to insert himself into the Intercontinental Title hunt as he battled current champion Curtis Axel.

A "perfect" victory?

But after Paul Heyman distracted Rhodes, Axel hit the neckbreaker to score a huge win over the "son of a son of a plumber."

After, Heyman described himself as being "in agony" over the actions of CM Punk on Raw, calling The Second City Saint a "sad, pathetic loser" for going "off the rails." The mad scientist went on to say The Straight Edge Superstar was "lost," while Curtis Axel had "found himself," making the bold statement that no Superstar can defeat the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Axel then challenged Punk to a match on next week’s Raw!

Later, Punk would Tweet his response, setting the stage for their Monday night clash.               

Dolph Ziggler def. Big E Langston

Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Dolph Ziggler steps inside the ring with his former friend and ally Big E Langston.

After being decimated by The Shield on Raw, Dolph Ziggler looked to take out some frustrations against his former heavy and Divas Champion AJ Lee’s “best friend,” Big E Langston, on SmackDown.

Photos: Showing off on Friday night

Langston assaulted The Showoff before the bell even rang, clocking Ziggler from behind. When Dolph assured the referee he was okay, the match officially started and Big E once again put his scary strength — and temper — on display.

Just when it looked like Ziggler was getting back on track, AJ inserted herself into the mix, delivering a fierce shot to her ex-boyfriend with the referee distracted. But when Big E went for the Big Ending, The Showoff countered with the Zig Zag out of nowhere, and picked up the big Friday night win without even taking off his t-shirt.

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Christian and World Champion Alberto Del Rio compete in a SummerSlam re-match on SmackDown.

After their instant-classic confrontation at SummerSlam, Christian engaged in a rematch against World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown. Again placing Mexican flags in each corner, the titleholder looked to take down his Canadian counterpart, dominating the bout early on.

Relive a classic SummerSlam Title Match | Photos: Charismatic SmackDown rematch

Despite Del Rio’s best efforts to soften up Christian’s shoulder, Captain Charisma would not give in. Despite his heroic efforts after being flung, shoulder-first, into the steel ring post, the champion ultimately proved to be too much for the challenger, locking Christian into the Cross Armbreaker off the ropes to make his adversary tap out.

As Del Rio then told the WWE Universe to follow him as their “leader,” he was interrupted by his former personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, who ushered Rob Van Dam into the arena.

When RVD made his way down the ramp, Christian blasted Del Rio with a missile dropkick, which RVD promptly followed up with Rolling Thunder on the Mexican champion.

Big Show & Mark Henry def. 3MB in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match

Mark Henry & Big Show vs. 3MB - 2-on-3 Handicap Match: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Mark Henry & Big Show face all three members of 3MB and then receive a message from The Shield.

In a Handicap Match in name only, Big Show & Mark Henry decimated 3MB on SmackDown.

Photos of the dismantling of a band

After an angry Big Show flattened Drew McIntyre with a resounding chokeslam, Heath Slater broke up the pin attempt – receiving a World’s Strongest Slam for his troubles. While he allowed McIntyre just enough time to get back to his feet, the only reward for Drew was a KO Punch!

After pinning McIntyre, Big Show & Henry were “greeted” by WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, who promised to once again knock the colossal connection down.

Darren Young def. Antonio Cesaro

Darren Young vs. Antonio Cesaro: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

One half of The Prime Time Players goes one-on-one with one half of The Real Americans.

One-half of The Prime Time Players battled one-half of The Real Americans as Darren Young went one-on-one against the scary strong Antonio Cesaro.

Prime Time photos of the bout

When Mr. No Days Off nailed Cesaro with The Gut-Check, The Prime Time Players kept rolling along with another victory.

Ryback ripped up a kid’s autograph          

Showing that his mean streak knows no bounds, Ryback ripped up an autograph meant for a young fan, calling the well-meaning dad who approached the Superstar a “scrawny, pencil-necked fool.”

Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett in a Steel Cage Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett - Steel Cage Match: SmackDown, Aug. 23, 2013

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett clash inside a Steel Cage in the main event of SmackDown.

“Brutal” is a good descriptor for the main event battle that raged inside the steel cage, as Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett beat each other like two caged animals. Still holding a grudge for Bryan shaving his beard, The Barrett Barrage looked to punish his foe. But, as he’s done his entire career, Bryan found a way to turn the tables on his larger, stronger opponent.

Steel cage brutality | Randy Orton cashes in!

And in the final moments, with both Superstars perched on the top rope, Bryan sent Barrett crashing to the canvas with a crazy powerbomb. This set up an explosive knee to Barrett’s (clean-shaven) face. A three-count later and Bryan earned himself an impressive Friday night win.

Just like at SummerSlam, however, Bryan’s post-match celebration was cut short by The Viper, as Randy Orton slithered out from beneath the ring and leveled Bryan with an RKO on the outside!

WWE Title raised over his head and with Bryan at his feet, the image of a triumphant Orton sent SmackDown off the air.

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