SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 19, 2013

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 19, 2013

How will Mr. McMahon shake things up on on SmackDown?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 19, 2013

Brace yourselves, WWE Universe — The Chairman himself is coming to SmackDown tonight! Mr. McMahon has long been the Machiavellian master of backstage machinations, and whenever the trail-blazing head of WWE steps foot into his ring, business always picks up. So, while the exact reason for the WWE Chairman’s visit to the blue brand is anyone’s guess, one thing’s for sure, it’ll be must-watch television.

50 greatest Mr. McMahon-isms

Don’t miss all the action tonight at 8/7 CT, only on Syfy!

Will SmackDown see Y2J's last match?

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho: Raw, July 15, 2013

Rob Van Dam returns to action on Raw against Chris Jericho.

He may have had a show-stealing, high-flying battle against Rob Van Dam Monday night on Raw, but as Chris Jericho tweeted earlier in the week, after tonight's SmackDown, the legendary lion will be departing WWE for the time being.

Jericho's farewell message

What does this mean for Y2J's in-ring future? If he does compete, could the close of tonight's show mark the last time the WWE Universe will catch a glimpse of the future WWE Hall of Famer? Or will it only be the start of a short break before they see the six-time World Champion again?

Whatever the future holds, you simply cannot miss what may well be Jericho's last hurrah, tonight only on Syfy!

Is "Miz TV" destined for bedlam?

Paul Heyman reveals why he betrayed CM Punk at Money in the Bank: Raw, July 15, 2013

Paul Heyman engages in a war of words with his former client and friend, CM Punk.

A lot’s happened since Paul Heyman appeared on “Miz TV” during the June 28 edition of SmackDown – the most stunning occurrence being the crafty advocate’s betrayal of former friend CM Punk at Money in the Bank. On the heels of their intense Raw confrontation that ended with a vicious Brock Lesnar assault on The Straight Edge Superstar, odds are that tonight will be all about the chaos.

Heyman's shocking betrayal! | Lesnar attacks The Straight Edge Superstar

First, there’s a good chance Heyman’s client, Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, will join the fray just five days after his pay-per-view triumph over The Miz. Second, you can’t rule out Lesnar finally making his SmackDown return to come to the defense of his advocate. In either case, given that Punk said he would destroy everyone associated with Heyman, it’s very possible The Best in the World will be returning to the blue brand for the second time in three weeks.

And, really, when hasn’t “Miz TV” produced bedlam of some sort?

Will Damien Sandow go for the early cash in?

Christian vs. Damien Sandow: Raw, July 15, 2013

Christian goes one-on-one with the new "Mr. Money in the Bank" Damien Sandow.

Another Money in the Bank has come and gone and, with it, the victorious Damien Sandow now holds a World Heavyweight Championship Match contract that he can cash in any time he wants in the next year.

But will he wait? 

Several Superstars have attempted the early cash in. Jack Swagger used his opportunity on the injured Chris Jericho the Friday following his Money in the Bank triumph. Edge cashed in his second contract on SmackDown four days after winning it in a match on Raw. While not on the blue brand, Kane has also demonstrated the art of the quick turnaround, cashing in his opportunity on Rey Mysterio the same night he won it at Money in the Bank.

Rhodes and Sandow sound off on Money in the Bank

Sandow — a learned man who is quite cognizant of history — may well look to take similar actions tonight! If he does, though, will Cody Rhodes try to thwart his opportunity after Sandow’s Money in the Bank betrayal?

Can The Showoff bounce back on SmackDown?

Dolph Ziggler breaks up with AJ Lee: Raw, July 15, 2013

Following the events from last night's Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler decides to call it quits with AJ Lee.

Monday on Raw, Dolph Ziggler told Divas Champion AJ Lee that “ they’re done.” AJ, of course, didn’t take the news too well and decided to show up during The Showoff’s Money in the Bank rematch against World Champion Alberto Del Rio. After costing Ziggler the contest, she and Big E Langston added injury to insult by decimating Dolph, all before AJ herself capped it off with a kiss goodbye.

Watch the "Black Widow's" goodbye kiss

After back-to-back nights of being nudged (and mule-kicked) out of the spotlight, what can the WWE Universe expect from a Superstar who has made a career of stealing the show? Can Ziggler get back on track against one-half of The Real Americans, Jack Swagger? Or will AJ’s erratic behavior once again play into the equation? (C’mon … of course it will!)

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