Kofi Kingston undergoes elbow surgery

Kofi Kingston undergoes elbow surgery

Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback: SmackDown, May 31, 2013

Kofi Kingston feels the wrath of the destructive Ryback.

June 10 update:
As revealed on the June 10 edition of Raw, Kofi will be out of action for up to eight weeks.

June 3 update:
Today, WWE.com caught up with Dr. Chris Amann about the condition of Kofi Kingston after the Superstar underwent elbow surgery.

"Kofi underwent left elbow arthroscopy last week with Dr. Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama," said Amann.

“At that time, he was found to have two large bone chips about the size of a marble in his elbow joint. Those were removed. He’s in a sling. He’s starting physical therapy and doing very well.”

Stay with WWE.com for more on the former Intercontinental Champion’s recovery.

May 29 update:
Immediately following Kofi Kingston’s explosive showdown against Ryback on SmackDown, the “Human Wrecking Ball” unleashed a massive post-match attack on the high-flyer – putting his war torn victim through three separate tables.

According to WWE medical physician Dr. Michael Sampson, Kingston walked out of Edmonton with a C-collar neck brace as a result of this incident, strictly as a safety precaution.

Sampson further diagnosed that Ryback’s attack actually accelerated Kingston’s already-existing elbow injury. As a result, the four-time Intercontinental Champion will undergo surgery this Thursday and is expected to be out of action for 4-to-8 weeks.

Check back with WWE.com for additional details as they become available.

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