What do Team Ziggler members think of The Showoff being the sole survivor at Survivor Series?

What do Team Ziggler members think of The Showoff being the sole survivor at Survivor Series?

It’s good to be Dolph Ziggler.

The blond-coiffed Showoff capped off one of the most impressive weeks in recent WWE history by defeating Randy Orton in SmackDown’s main event on Friday night. (WATCH | PHOTOS) That huge victory comes on the heels of Ziggler defeating The Miz on WWE Main Event and getting the upper hand on rival John Cena on Raw with a form tackle through a bathroom stall, followed by a vicious battering. ( WATCH)

And all of this comes after the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match at Sunday’s Survivor Series, in which The Showoff not only captained the titular Team Ziggler to an impressive victory, but also, when the dust settled, stood tall as his squad’s sole survivor. ( FULL COVERAGE | PHOTOS)

Mr. Money in the Bank’s bone-jarring Survivor Series superkick on the final member of Team Foley, Orton, won his team the match, stole the show, backed up all his brash talk, saluted WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and, perhaps most importantly, showcased his incredible and impressive talent to the WWE Universe.

Several Superstars, however, were less than impressed with The Showoff’s performance, namely the other members of Team Ziggler.

“First of all, it should have been Team Del Rio, not Team Ziggler,” declared a bitter Alberto Del Rio. “The only reason Ziggler was the one survivor is because I did everything. I did the hard work and then, at the end, he betrayed me. He kicked me in the face just to get the victory. But everybody knows who the real deal is: That’s Alberto Del Rio.”

Although Del Rio didn’t seem to enjoy the victory, Wade Barrett, at least, was pleased to be on the winning team.

“I’ve never personally had a problem with Dolph Ziggler,” Barrett explained. “He was leader for the day. It was a one-shot deal as far as I’m concerned. Ultimately, our team was successful, so I ended up a winner.”

But don’t expect to see Ziggler and Barrett palling around or riding a tandem bicycle any time soon, as the British Bare-Knuckled Brawler issued a warning to The Showoff: “At this point, Dolph Ziggler and I go our separate paths. He’d be well advised to stay out of my way, because the next time we cross paths he might receive a Bull Hammer.”

While Harvard-educated attorney David Otunga refused to be interviewed for this article, pleading the Fifth Amendment, Damien Sandow stated that he isn’t too happy with the result of the Survivor Series match, even if he can’t remember it.

“I have no recollection of Survivor Series, nor have I watched the match,” the robed Superstar lamented.

“I remember Ziggler saying something about being a leader and a sole survivor, but he’s just a showoff. I am ‘The Intellectual Savior of the Masses.’ Which name screams leader to you? Thank you!”

Clearly, Ziggler’s huge week and momentous win at Sunday’s Survivor Series have attracted the attention of WWE fans in addition to potentially jealous, predatory and vengeful Superstars. John Cena's attack on Ziggler after the grappler's huge win over The Viper as SmackDown went off the air is proof of this. Mr. Money in the Bank should be on guard for salvos not only from Cena or opponents he’s recently bested like Orton and Miz, but also from one-time allies looking for their own chance to bask in the spotlight.

Those very real, very dangerous threats could make next week as terrible for The Showoff as this week was terrific. Still fuming days after Sunday’s pay-per-view, Del Rio even went so far as to say, “He’s trying to be someone in this company, but I should have been the one with the victory at the end of Survivor Series. I’m going to make Dolph Ziggler pay for that.”

Maybe it’s not so good to be Dolph Ziggler.

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