SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

What will John Cena say on “Miz TV”?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

After giving the WWE Universe plenty to talk about on Raw – from kissing AJ Lee to getting knocked through a locker room stall by Dolph Ziggler – John Cena will head to the blue brand to be a guest on “Miz TV.” With the “AJ scandal” still swirling thanks to Cena’s Monday night lip-locking incident (actually, make that incidents) with the former Raw General Manager and the physical altercation that followed with The Showoff, everyone wants to know: What will the Cenation leader say to The Awesome One Friday night?

Will Cena reveal more about where things stand with AJ on the blue brand? Will the fans learn more about his knee injury, suffered at the hands of Mr. Money in the Bank? Considering the roll that Ziggler has been on this week, it is very possible that he might once again seek out and attack the Cenation leader. And, since it is “Miz TV,” and The Awesome One’s show has a tendency to devolve into chaos, will the set make through the night?

Will The World’s Largest Athlete once again collide with The Celtic Warrior?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

As they’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt throughout the past few months, the rivalry between World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and former titleholder Sheamus simply knows no bounds. From a vicious attack in a London pub, to a knockout, drag down slugfest in a parking lot, Sheamus and Big Show have gone to extremes since The World’s Largest Athlete claimed the World Title from The Celtic Warrior at Hell in a Cell.

And that rivalry is sure to spill over onto SmackDown this week, following the events at Survivor Series that led to The Celtic Warrior’s massive chair assault on the giant. But just how far will the two intense competitors take things? And what, if anything, can SmackDown General Manager Booker T do to prevent his show from devolving into chaos as a result of the titanic hostility between Sheamus and Big Show?

Can The Viper strike down The Showoff’s momentum on SmackDown?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

Dolph Ziggler is having one of the great weeks in sports-entertainment history. Since he walked out of Sunday’s pay-per-view as the sole survivor, The Showoff has been on a roll, attacking John Cena on Raw and and scoring a victory on WWE Main Event. For his part, Orton scored an impressive win over Alberto Del Rio in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.

Now, as Friday night looms large, is another showdown between the pair of A-list Superstars also on the horizon? Keep in mind that Ziggler eliminated Orton at Survivor Series, issuing an early exit for WWE’s Apex Predator. Orton certainly isn’t happy about that, and chances are good The Viper will arrive to the blue brand on a mission.

Will The Viper cross paths with The Showoff? Tune in Friday night to find out!

Will Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns bring the SmackDown to Ryback?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

After making his intentions more than clear Monday night, Ryback destroyed Tensai in a brutal one-on-one bout. But, as he’s wont to tell the WWE Universe, the monstrous Superstar is never content, never satiated. So with the wounds of Sunday and Monday night’s attacks by the black-clad trio of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns still fresh, Ryback will seek to let out some aggression and devour the competition on SmackDown.

More importantly, though, might be the question of whether or not the three former NXT competitors — Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns — will follow Ryback to Friday night. After attacking the scary-strong Superstar on consecutive nights, the black-clad trio has definitely made a lasting impression on both the WWE Universe and the locker room. Will they step up their assault on Ryback Friday night? Or will the monster run rampant on the blue brand?

How will The Barrett Barrage come at “The Wildcat”?

SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

After his huge victory over Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in a Non-Title Match on Raw, Wade Barrett has made it clear that he is primed and ready to once again take on the high-flying champion for his illustrious title. So what does that mean for “The Wildcat” on SmackDown? Will Kingston be asked to once again put his title on the line?

However, considering that the Intercontinental Champion is set to face Damien Sandow for the championship gold tonight – following “The Intellectual Savior’s” victory over Kofi one week ago – will Sandow beat the English Superstar to the punch?

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