Randy Orton: The Serpentine Extreme

Randy Orton: The Serpentine Extreme

Going into his Falls Count Anywhere Match against Alberto Del Rio on SuperSmackDown LIVE — the exciting replay of which will play Nov. 09 at 8/7 CT on Syfy ( FULL RESULTS) — nine-time World Champion Randy Orton predicted that his showdown with The Mexican Aristocrat would be one of the most “brutal, sadistic matches of his entire career.” ( ORTON HARDCORE PLAYLIST)

The explosive conflict certainly did not disappoint. But while every moment of the fierce showdown proved more excruciatingly painful than the one before it — as it spilled out into the WWE Universe and all over the arena — the truth is that WWE’s Apex Predator made his bones on taking things to the extreme. Or is it quite possibly the other way around?

Is it The Viper’s destructive nature, volatile temperament and shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later personality that has driven him into the center of some of the most cruel and lawless showdowns ever imagined — from the open warfare of a Street Fight, to the painful endurance of Last Man Standing Match, to the insane confines of Hell in a Cell and the lasting punishment of a barbed wire–and-thumbtack-infused Hardcore Match.

If so, then it could be said the barbarous surroundings of the multiple battlefields Orton has waged war in are not as much foreign objects or confining obstacles that he must overcome as they are dangerous extensions of The Viper himself. Inside his slippery realm, a steel chair, an unforgiving metal ring barrier or the chain link of the Elimination Chamber are instantly transformed into an additional serpentine appendage he can use to hurl his various adversary into a world of pain.

Take a walk into the extreme world of The Viper, with this ORTON HARDCORE PLAYLIST.

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