Should Sheamus be taking Big Show more seriously?

Big Show vs. Tensai: SmackDown, Oct. 5, 2012

In a battle of the big men, Big Show goes one-on-one with Tensai.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is one of the most intense and dominant Superstars in WWE, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to have a good time. From making a mockery of David Otunga’s Brogue Kick deposition on the Sept. 10 episode of Raw, to continually poking fun at Big Show since the giant became his No. 1 contender, the spirited brawler from Dublin is always quick with a smile and a joke — or an insult.

That has endeared him to the WWE Universe, but with his showdown with The World’s Largest Athlete at WWE Hell in a Cell on Oct. 28 looming, should The Great White get more serious? Facing, as he put it, “the biggest fight of his life,”  a legitimate threat to his near seven-month title reign, would Sheamus be wise to curb his light-hearted antics and adopt a solemn game face like the one that will be worn by the giant he will battle at the upcoming pay-per-view? ( MATCH PREVIEW)

On Raw on Oct. 1, Big Show and Sheamus squared off in a World Championship Debate. ( WATCH) In the face of Show’s intimidating claim that he will emerge victories at Hell in a Cell, Sheamus remained jovial and good-humored. The World’s Largest Athlete grew angry over Sheamus’ nonchalant attitude, asking, “Do you have something serious to offer?” But the grinning Great White remained lighthearted.

Then on the Oct. 5 edition of SmackDown, the difference in demeanors between Sheamus and Big Show was even more striking. Interrupting the giant’s show-opening address to the WWE Universe, The Great White again mocked the giant’s unimpressive 45-second World Heavyweight Championship reign and later returned the favor of interfering in his rival’s match. The World’s Largest Athlete was clearly not amused. At one point, Sheamus, with a grin, refused to shake Big Show’s hand. Although Big Show had done the same moments earlier, The Celtic Warrior returned the favor while beaming ear to ear.

Is it wise to poke a stick at a bear? As WWE fans have seen time and time again, Big Show is capable of astonishing and vicious things in the squared circle. ( WATCH) Enormous and enormously experienced, Show’s list of accomplishments is nearly as long as his list of victims. Sheamus mocking him — even if done in jest — is just prodding an already angry force-of-nature.  Big Show is one of the most dangerous Superstars in WWE, with a brutal mean streak and fists the size of Christmas hams. Giving him an excuse to hurt you would appear to be reckless and imprudent.

On the other hand, who’s to tell Sheamus what to do? The Great White is nearly 200 days into one of the most impressive World Title reigns in recent years. His controversial loss to WWE Champion CM Punk on the premiere episode of “WWE Main Event” on Oct. 3 was the first time he has been pinned in singles competition since April. Successful title defenses against the likes of Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio have established Sheamus as a flourishing champion at the top of his game.

Additionally, The Great White is one of the most popular and beloved Superstars in WWE, with his charisma and fun-loving attitude combining with his tremendous in-ring skills to make him a fan-favorite. Maybe Sheamus keeping things light and entertaining is not a potentially exploitable weakness, but instead a vital part of his success?

It’s a fact that Sheamus is passionate, tough, humorous and prideful. However, if the World Heavyweight Champion got more serious and focused, would that improve his chances against the angry giant he’ll face at Hell in a Cell? Some might tell Sheamus, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if any Superstar can break Sheamus, it very well could be Big Show.

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