After assaults by both Ziggler and Del Rio, will Y2J be 100 percent at SummerSlam?

After assaults by both Ziggler and Del Rio, will Y2J be 100 percent at SummerSlam?

Chris Jericho might be too tough for his own good.

While making his way from the locker room area to the ring for his SmackDown showdown with Alberto Del Rio, Jericho was brutally assaulted by the Superstar he would be facing 48 hours later at SummerSlam — Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. After battering the nine-time Intercontinental Champion with the metal briefcase containing his Money in the Bank contract, slamming a steel cart into him and savagely kicking him in the ribs, Ziggler taunted his rival and claimed Y2J was overlooking their SummerSlam match. ( WATCH)

It appeared that Jericho was rendered unable to compete against Del Rio, but Y2J — never short on surprises or toughness — insisted on going ahead with the match. The opportunistic Del Rio inflicted even more damage on Jericho’s ribs, yet he was unable to put away the courageous veteran.

Unfortunately, Ziggler wasn’t finished with Jericho. While the referee was distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez, The Showoff ran to ringside and pulled down the ropes so Jericho flew out of the ring and crashed to the floor. He then tossed his dazed SummerSlam foe back to Del Rio, who landed a huge kick and got the pin. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

Not satisfied with simply winning the match, The Mexican Aristocrat grabbed Jericho’s arm in the excruciating Cross Armbreaker hold as Ziggler jeered.  Luckily, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus saved Jericho, scaring off The Showoff and battling Del Rio.

What is Jericho’s physical status after sustaining such extensive damage? How will it come into play at SummerSlam? If Jericho is at less than 100 percent, which is likely, he might not be able to overcome one of WWE’s most talented and most merciless rising stars. Can Jericho dig deep and win a “big one” despite Ziggler’s claims that he cannot do so anymore? Sunday at SummerSlam, Y2J’s celebrated resilience will surely be put to the test. ( MATCH PREVIEW)

When Jericho was at his most vulnerable, bruised and battered, Ziggler taunted him, “You can’t beat me! You’ll never beat me!” Brimming with confidence, oozing with talent and facing a potentially injured opponent, could the The Showoff actually be right?

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