Does SmackDown need a General Manager?

Does SmackDown need a General Manager?

While the WWE Universe may still be feeling the fallout from several surprising returns and shocking announcements from Monday’s momentous 1,000th episode of Raw, one particular moment has stood out all week long. We now know that AJ will be the next Raw General Manager, as declared by Mr. McMahon himself. But as for who will take the reins on SmackDown, there was only silence on Friday night. This has brought new questions to the fold, and the WWE Universe is left to wonder: Will the blue brand get a new General Manager, as well?

Well, like you, we here at have no idea who may fill those vacant, big blue shoes. And before we begin speculating possibilities for new GMs, we first need to take a step back and ask the very basic question: Does SmackDown truly need a General Manager, or could it work as a self-sustaining show?

As demonstrated Friday night, it’s entirely possible to have compelling, important matches in a GM-less environment. After all, with no local leadership, Alberto Del Rio was still crowned the new No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title in an explosive Fatal 4-Way main event — made earlier in the week. Christian and The Miz worked out their own Intercontinental Title rematch. Heck, even the short-tempered World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus was nice enough to give Daniel Bryan a little "wedding gift" before his match. ( WATCH)

Still, a strong argument can also be made that hands-on leadership is absolutely necessary — on a show where anything can happen at any time and split decisions are often needed at a moment’s notice. And even if things do go right on occasion, won’t there always be something missing without the steady — or, for that matter, sometimes unsteady — hand of a GM at the reins? After all, while the GM’s primary responsibility is keeping order, there’s also a certain level of exciting unpredictability that only a person in that position can bring to the table of a WWE event.

Furthermore, if SmackDown is, indeed, destined to have a new GM, another question cannot help but be raised: Just who should the responsibility of choosing that person fall to? Should the new General Manager be picked by the WWE Board of Directors, who have stepped in before in similar situations? Or, as social media has begun to play a revolutionary new role in the squared circle, should the WWE Universe ultimately be responsible for picking the next General Manager?

Questions abound, and the blue brand faithful will just have to stay tuned to Friday nights to see if a new GM is in order.

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