Funk vs. Jive: Choose your side

Brodus Clay & Hornswoggle vs. Hunico & Camacho: SmackDown, April 20, 2012

Brodus Clay teams with his "little brother" Hornswoggle to take on Hunico & Camacho.

You know them like the back of your hand, single words or phrases in pop culture that are so powerful they can become an institution onto themselves. And inevitably, the frenzy they create gives rise to debate over what constitutes the best institution of them all: Is it Coke or Pepsi, Bert or Ernie, Burger King or McDonald’s, Funk vs. Jive … Funk vs. Jive?

That’s right. For months now, Brodus Clay and his lovely Funkadactyls have brought their unadulterated brand of funk to both Raw and SmackDown, creating a riotous atmosphere of funk-a-licious elation guaranteed to make the WWE Universe call their mommas!

And once the bell rings, the momentum created by the prehistoric stomp-fest and disco ball spinning sends The Funkasaurus into a ferocious state all his own. It gives him a distinct edge that has led to his rise into A-list competition and his endless potential to take on the world … or occasionally, even The World’s Largest Athlete.

Back in the ’80s, however, it was not the funk that worked the room. It was the “Jive Soul Bro!”

In the era of Hulkamania, the embodiment of the jive experience came in the form of one of WWE’s slipperiest managers, Slick. At first glance, the scheming Doctor or Style’s insistence that he always told the truth left the crowd shaking their collective heads in disgust – making it seem as if his particular brand of jive was more irritating than iconic.

However, to get to the bottom of the argument funk vs. jive, one must not dwell on the negative. For the power of jive was not to be underestimated.

As a manager, the sheer presence of the outspoken Slickster gave WWE a personality like no other, whether he was talking business, laughing or just plain getting down. Moreover, his unique style proved extremely effective and calculating, first and foremost because it helped throw his Superstars’ adversaries completely off their game. The same foolish foes who dismissed his outrageous persona as being harmless rhetoric and silliness often ended up with their shoulders to the canvas.

Don’t take our word for it. The power of Jive Soul Bro lured a slew of top talent into Slick’s stable, including Big Boss Man, Akeem, Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Boris Zhukov, Kamala, Butch Reed, Hercules and Rick Martel.

Both funk and jive have proved extremely effective, helping to forge their particular era in WWE. But which explosive force do you think is more powerful? ( VOTE NOW)

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