Did Sheamus push his luck by shoving John Laurinaitis?

Perhaps World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is relying a little too much on the luck of the Irish.

In his haste to help John Cena on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, the hotheaded World Heavyweight Champion “accidentally” plowed over the already-injured Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

Unfortunately for The Great White, this was not his first collision with a WWE authority figure. On Super SmackDown Live: Blast from the Past on April 10, Laurinaitis handed down the largest fine in WWE history, charging the Irish Superstar $500,000 for Brogue Kicking referee Chad Patton four days earlier. Additionally, Sheamus was placed on permanent probation, a very precarious position to be in. ( FULL STORY)

If “Big Johnny” reacted so harshly to the physical well-being of WWE’s referees, one can only imagine how seriously he must take his own health and safety, particularly after his grueling WWE Over the Limit victory over John Cena. ( PHOTOS)

Sheamus’ shove of “Mr. Excitement” may have been an accident. Or maybe he temporarily let his emotions get the best of him. Either way, it can’t be a good thing for The Great White to have raised the ire of a GM who has shown zero hesitation in handing down fines – and worse – to WWE’s Superstars.

Has Sheamus tempted fate one too many times? Has The Celtic Warrior not learned from his past mistakes, does he not care, or is he just too forceful for his own good? The World Heavyweight Champion’s luck might have run out, as this volatile situation is sure to be addressed on SmackDown this Friday 8/7 CT on SyFy.

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