SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 18, 2012

SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 18, 2012

On the final stop before WWE Over the Limit, here are five key developments that the WWE Universe should keep an eye on during tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown.

Is the Sheamus vs. Randy Orton SmackDown main event too big a risk to take?

On the final stop before WWE Over the Limit, here are five key developments that the WWE Universe should keep an eye on during tonight's Friday Night SmackDown on Syfy.

First off, a tweet by John Laurinaitis’ Executive Administrator Eve on Monday has called for a SmackDown showdown between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Randy Orton – just two days before The Great White and The Viper will engage Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal 4-Way World Title Match. ( MATCH PREVIEW)

Keeping in mind that the impending pay-per-view contest has already ignited catastrophic disorder between its four participants on both Raw and SmackDown, is Eve tempting fate by unleashing two of its most brutal grapplers against each other so close to the whirlwind encounter? Has she considered what will happen if the one of them gets hurt? Both Superstars are clearly not 100 percent, with their arms under constantly attack in recent weeks. In addition to the risk to their bodies, it is entirely possible that the crafty Del Rio or Jericho will attempt another treacherous third party assault.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho: Raw, May 14, 2012

Randy Orton faces off against Chris Jericho before they both compete in the Fatal 4 Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Over The Limit.

Will John Laurinaitis bring havoc to what could be his last SmackDown?

In the final moments of Monday’s Raw SuperShow, John Laurinaitis learned that if he loses his match against John Cena at WWE Over the Limit, he will be terminated. ( MATCH PREVIEW | PHOTOS) In spite of this news, the GM of both Raw and SmackDown will still be expected to report to work Friday night.

So, how will he react on what could be his last SmackDown in power? It’s possible that the despondent leader might lash out at the Friday night roster while he still can. Perhaps, poor Teddy Long will take the full brunt of his rage in the name of People Power. In any case, it will be interesting to find out if the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations will use what little time he has left to make a last ditch plea with the Board to change their ruling. Or, could “Mr. Excitement” opt to take a “personal day” as he did five days after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view?

John Laurinaitis will be terminated if he loses to John Cena at WWE Over the Limit: Raw, May 14, 2012

John Laurinaitis learns that if he loses to John Cena at WWE Over the Limit, he will be terminated.

A Twitter war turns into a Champion vs. Champion showdown

All week long, a debate has raged on Twitter between Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and United States Champion Santino Marella, over which of their illustrious championship gold is more important to the history of the squared circle.

Perhaps this question will be settled tonight, when the respective titleholders battle in a Champion vs. Champion Match. How will “the grandson of a plumber” fare against The Italian Stallion?

CM Punk & Santino Marella vs. Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes: Raw, May 14, 2012

The WWE & United States Champion join forces to battle Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes.

Have the WWE Tag Team Champions bit off more than they can chew?

Before locking horns with Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler at WWE Over the Limit ( MATCH PREVIEW), the explosive WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston will face Titus O’Neil & Darren Young on SmackDown.

O’Neil and Young have wasted no time making a strong impression since journeying to Friday night – including an upset victory one week ago over Santino & Zack Ryder, the current United States Champion and a former one, respectively. ( WATCH | PHOTOS) Considering the fact that the up-and-comers’ offensive has a longer duration than Truth & Kofi’s entire championship reign, it may not be wise for the titleholders to take them on just two days before an important title match against two former World Heavyweight Champions.

And what of the former tag champions Primo & Epico. Just when will All World Promotions instruct his clients to pull the trigger on their WWE Tag Team Title rematch? ( WATCH AS FORMER TAG CHAMPS SIGN WITH ALL WORLD)

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young: SmackDown - May 11, 2012

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder team up to take on the cocky and confident Titus O'Neil & Darren Young.

Will SmackDown finally see Damien Sandow compete?

Two weeks ago, Damien Sandow refused to compete in his scheduled match against Derrick Bateman, citing that the WWE Universe would never learn from his effort against the Superstar he described as an “ignoramus.” ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

This week, Sandow is set to face Yoshi Tatsu. Will the Japanese Superstar prove to be up to the standards of the self-professed “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”? ( MORE ON SANDOW)

Damien Sandow explains to Matt Striker why he did not compete in his debut match on SmackDown one week ago: SmackDown - May 11, 2012

Damien Sandow explains his reason for not wanting to compete in his debut match on last week's SmackDown.

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