WWE.com approaches AJ after she snaps on Natalya. Plus, are AJ's woes a professional advantage?

After suffering a constant stream of abuse by Daniel Bryan, both during and after their relationship, the normally kind-hearted AJ finally snapped on the April 20 edition of SmackDown – unleashing an emotionally-charged assault on Natalya.  ( WATCH PHOTOS | FULL SMACKDOWN RESULTS)

Moments later, WWE.com caught up with the disheveled Diva to try and get some answers on her behavior.

AJ is at a loss for words following her actions on SmackDown: WWE.com Exclusive, April 20, 2012

After unleashing weeks of pent-up frustration on Natalya, AJ walks to the locker room at a loss for words.

After mistreating AJ throughout their relationship, Bryan had laid the blame of losing the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania completely at her feet, ending their relationship in humiliating fashion.

But this week, when she pleaded for the chance to talk it out, the object of her love and affection once again belittled her in the crassest fashion possible – leaving her visibly crushed as he informed her that he wished she was never born and that he would never take her back.

Consumed by the mental anguish that had just been thrust upon her by her ex, AJ became completely unhinged. Without provocation, she attacked her third-generation opponent, with a terror in her eyes that left the WWE Universe in absolute shock.

Although AJ was disqualified for her actions, could the personal tragedy she is enduring ultimately become a professional advantage? After all, months ago, it was Natalya - along with Beth Phoenix - that made the spitfire Diva suffer and cry in numerous squared circle showdowns.

Generally speaking, AJ has always shown incredible potential, but there has always been that certain something missing on her path to success. Perhaps, when all is said and done, the WWE Universe will look back at what happened to "Daniel Bryan's poor ex-girlfriend" on the April 20 edition of SmackDown as the moment when she took charge and grew into an all-out dominant Diva. 

Do you agree that this incident is the spark that could send AJ’s career to the next level? Share your opinion below.

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