Is AJ blinded by her love for Daniel Bryan?

Since winning the World Heavyweight Championship on Dec. 18, Daniel Bryan has grown increasingly arrogant. With constant boasts about his hard-won title, his veganism, his charisma and his “undeniable sex appeal,” it seems Bryan has understandably been abandoned by the WWE Universe and all his Superstar colleagues. Well,almost all.

Still standing steadfastly by Bryan’s size is his faithful girlfriend, AJ.  Loyal to a fault, the spitfire Diva seems so head-over-heels for the World Heavyweight Champion that she is blind to the appallingly inconsiderate treatment he dishes out. ( More on AJ)

WWE fans have speculated why the soft-spoken AJ stays with Bryan despite his apparent thoughtless behavior, especially when her devotion tends to put her in harm’s way.

On the Jan. 13 edition of SmackDown, AJ accidentally collided with Big Show while she stood ringside during a championship match between Bryan and The World’s Largest Athlete. She had to be taken out on a stretcher – a frightening and somber moment for the WWE Universe. ( WATCH)

Although Bryan angrily blamed a remorseful giant, many members of the WWE Universe have pointed out that he has repeatedly put AJ in danger by having her at ringside in the first place. Despite these opinions, her presence precariously close to the ring during his matches has become a trademark of the champion.

Daniel Bryan talks to AJ before her match: SmackDown, March 16, 2012

Daniel Bryan informs AJ that he will be in her corner for an important Divas match tonight.

AJ also seems willing to turn a blind eye to Bryan’s insults. On the March 9 edition of SmackDown – during a heated conversation with Sheamus and Michael Cole – Bryan silenced his girlfriend with the callous words of, “AJ, shut up.” ( WATCH) A week later on SmackDown, Bryan stunned the WWE Universe by arranging a match for AJ to “prove herself,” and belittling how she looked in a dress he bought her.

He followed those ridiculous actions up with the coup de grace: a demeaning list of ways that AJ can improve herself as a Diva that he posted for the whole world to see on his official Facebook page late Friday night.

There is no doubt that AJ is a beautiful, talented and intelligent Diva who is definitely not being treated as such by Daniel Bryan. Yet despite this, she continues to stand by her man.

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