Ted DiBiase's injury update

Ted DiBiase's injury update

As reported during this week’s SmackDown, Ted DiBiase suffered a cracked bone and torn cartilage in his wrist during a WWE live event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last weekend.

Despite this setback, the competitive Superstar stepped up to once again to battle Hunico on SmackDown. Partially due to the damaged appendage – noticeable throughout the match – DiBiase was ultimately defeated by his dangerous Mexican adversary.

Then, in a post-match assault by Hunico and Camacho, the brutal amigos stomped the third generation grappler’s wrist into the unforgiving steel steps, no doubt aggravating the injury even further.

There is no word at this time as to the extent of DiBiase injuries following SmackDown, nor what actions General Manager Theodore Long might take against his attackers.

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