'Daniel Bryan Day' turns bittersweet after AJ's injury

'Daniel Bryan Day' turns bittersweet after AJ's injury

It looks like being Daniel Bryan was a real mixed bag this past Friday.

Hours before Friday's SmackDown, Mayor Micah Cawley of Yakima, WA declared Friday to be "Daniel Bryan Day" in honor of the journeyman World Heavyweight Champion. Of course, Mayor Cawley, a proud member of the WWE Universe, couldn't have picked a more ironic day to honor Bryan than Friday, given his girlfriend AJ's injury during the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Bryan and The Big Show.

The "Geek Goddess," who had only hours before told Bryan she loved him, was in the champ's corner during the Friday night contest when she was inadvertently driven to the ground by The World's Largest Athlete following a scramble around the outside of the ring. The match was called off and AJ was carted off in a stretcher, casting a bittersweet pall over Bryan's name day. The unfortunate incident begs several questions: Will Bryan retaliate? How will Big Show cope with the guilt? Was this just a tragic accident, or is this all part of a bigger, more sinister plot?

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