Live SmackDown results

Live SmackDown results

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Daniel Bryan def. Big Show (Disqualifacation) (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Tamina def. Natalya  (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Primo & Epico def. WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Title-free Match) (PHOTOS)

Santino Marella def. Drew McIntyre (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Sheamus suffered the wrath of Wade Barrett and Jinder Mahal (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Hunico def. Ted DiBiase (WATCH|PHOTOS)

Hornswoggle def. Heath Slater (Over the Top Rope Challenge) (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes def. Booker T (Intercontinental Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)

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