Is Drew McIntyre a poorly “Chosen One”?

Is Drew McIntyre a poorly “Chosen One”?

Without question, Mr. McMahon has an eye for talent. That much has been obvious since his earliest days at the helm of WWE. So when he hand-picks a Superstar and declares him bound for greatness, the WWE Universe is sure to take notice. In Drew McIntyre’s case, just such a prediction by Mr. McMahon led to lofty expectations and the moniker of “The Chosen One.” Back in 2009, Mr. McMahon personally signed McIntyre to SmackDown, seeing in the young Superstar traits that both impressed the Chairman and reminded Mr. McMahon of himself.

Recent events, however, have called Mr. McMahon’s predictions into question. Is Drew McIntyre a false prophet? Is he, in fact, proving Mr. McMahon wrong?

The Scottish Superstar has returned to SmackDown in an effort to live up to the Chairman’s prediction that he will one day become a World Champion. However, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan, and as Michael Cole stated on the last SmackDown of 2011, Drew McIntyre has devolved from “The Chosen One” to “The Desperate One” in recent weeks.

After bringing McIntyre back into the SmackDown fold, General Manager Theodore Long had some pointed words for him on the Dec. 30 edition of SmackDown. Laying down the law, Long informed McIntyre that if he doesn’t start winning matches, he could end up fired.

embedcolon25051803Long reassured McIntyre that he’s one of the most talented Superstars in WWE today, but he also made clear that there was something missing. The General Manager then insinuated that “The Chosen One” may be lacking the passion that he displayed when he first arrived in WWE. At the end of their uneasy exchange, McIntyre told Teddy to watch his match against Ezekiel Jackson for an answer to all of Long’s concerns.

It wasn’t the answer he envisioned, though.  A pinfall loss to Jackson left McIntyre pleading his case to Teddy, claiming referee bias. The argument did nothing to sway SmackDown’s GM, who drove home his feelings about the Scottish Superstar. “I can’t stand losers, playa,” Long said. “Especially losers that make excuses.”

Frustrated, and perhaps more than a little worried for his livelihood, McIntyre walked away and left the General Manager—and the WWE Universe—with unanswered questions. 

Can Drew McIntyre get the job done and live up to the lofty expectations laid upon him by Mr. McMahon? Or will the Scottish Superstar find himself on the chopping block, courtesy of Theodore Long?

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