How does Cody Rhodes measure up to Booker T's past?

How does Cody Rhodes measure up to Booker T's past?

Booker T has stood toe-to-toe with the best Superstars in WWE history. How does Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes measure up to some of the legend's greatest opponents? 

The Rock: Rocky Maivia became the iconic Rock when he embraced his egocentric side – speaking of himself in the third person, channeling the “millions and millions” of fans shouting his name as he deemed himself The People’s Champion. This attitude gave him a strong advantage against any opponent. Cody Rhodes has embraced this same egocentric philosophy, making his voice heard with a righteous indignation that belittles Superstars and the WWE Universe alike. Although self-centered, there is no doubt the confidence he exudes has become a valuable trait, not unlike The Great One. 

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: The Texas Rattlesnake gained a huge advantage over his adversaries by launching an all-out rebellion against WWE, doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted to do it. Rhodes also carries a strong disregard for the rules, laughing in the face of what is considered acceptable behavior. He continuously questions authority figures such as SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, refuses to stand silent whenever the actions of other Superstars rub him the wrong way and takes every advantage he can – from attacking his opponents before a match to using weapons. This is something Booker, no doubt, learned at WWE TLC.

The Undertaker: For more than two decades, The Phenom has set his adversaries off-balance before the bell even rings, largely because of the ominous mystique that surrounds him. If there is one thing Rhodes shares with The Deadman, it’s this mysterious dark side. The Intercontinental Champion's career was redefined following his accidental injury at the hands of Rey Mysterio. Though he has since dropped the protective mask and self-loathing, traces of the scars still remain on his psyche, giving Rhodes a dangerous focus that breeds intimidation and keeps the competition guessing about what to expect from him.

Batista: The mighty Batista was called "The Animal" because he could channel pure rage capable of overpowering any opponent. Rhodes does not carry the size of the former World Champion. But, despite his good looks and smooth ability on the mic, he too is driven by an inner fury. When backed into a corner, he attacks with a vicious aggression that many opponents don't see coming until it's too late.


Christian: Say what you want about Christian’s constant insistence that he should have “one more match” or his complaints about a lack of concern for his recent injuries. But regardless, no one can deny the extraordinary ability of this two-time World Heavyweight Champion in the squared-circle. Likewise, in spite of what anyone thinks of Rhodes' antics, he is as sound a ring technician as anyone in the locker room, strategic and cunning as they come.

One could argue that with his many dominant attributes, Cody Rhodes is as strong a threat to Booker T as any Superstars he has faced before. If the Intercontinental Champion brings the full force of these characteristics to fruition in further altercations with the Master of the Spin-a-Roonie, it could present the greatest challenge of Booker's career.

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